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February 25, 2021

PSD’s Firea, with broom in hand: You didn’t think I could clean up after 10 men

On Thursday, Gabriela Firea, PSD’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, wanted to prove, with broom in hand, that she is the right person to lead Bucharest, pointing out that she thus dispelled the doubts of those who did not think she could clean up after 10 men.

“I told you before and you didn’t believe I could clean up after 10 men. This in reference to the gentlemen who alternated at the Bucharest City Hall. A hard-working, industrious and tenacious woman should come [at the City Hall] and do what they failed to do. I’m not saying they didn’t do anything, but more and better was possible. It’s my time to prove,” Gabriela Firea claimed while picking up garbage in a small park in Bucharest’s District 6.

On Thursday, she took part in the cleaning up of a playground, an action organised by Senator Gabriel Mutu, PSD’s candidate for the District 6 Mayoralty. The two mixed cleaning up with giving electoral messages.

“There should have been grass, flowers here. If children come here to play, they fall and injure themselves. What are they to find on the ground here except rocks, sand, pieces of glass, syringes, needles… It’s not such a big investment to come and clean this area up and to have grass and flowers and clean benches,” the PSD candidate stated while holding a huge broom.

On the side, several dozen sharply dressed youngsters were milling around with brooms or shovels in hands. The plastic bags were the biggest problems since they kept falling apart under the weight of a few shovels of garbage.

The two candidates levied charges against the district’s Liberal Mayor Rares Manescu.

The Social Democrats were not given a warm welcome by some local voters. On Gabriela Firea’s arrival, a young man started blaming the entire political class.

“Aren’t you ashamed? You’ve put a monopoly on this district! PNL and PSD are the same… Aren’t you ashamed that all of you mayors have criminal files, all of you?” the disgruntled man shouted on top of his voice.

Gabriela Firea could not dodge the discontent constituents.

“I’m calm now that I told Ms. Firea directly, and I hope she won’t win…” an old lady bitterly said. “So how is she supposed to help you then, madam?” Gabriela Firea’s supporters retorted. “I’m not interested,” she replied.

“You will have a real mayor after June 6, after you elect me,” Mutu told her. “You need the mayor’s presence too, not like it is now,” Firea added, Mediafax informs.


Firea on claims her husband plagiarised his Ph.D. thesis: New disinformation made by PNL


Gabriela Firea, PSD’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, stated on Thursday that the accusations according to which her husband Florentin Pandele plagiarised his second Ph.D. thesis are “new disinformation made by PNL.” Firea added that her husband will sue the publication that published the allegations.

“We are talking about new disinformation made by PNL. Former press colleagues called and told me that a PNL MP who is running in Voluntari is calling the press and asking for media coverage to be given to a small article posted on some website, which features completely false things about my husband. It’s as if accusing a journalist of plagiarising a paper on the mass-media, that’s how this article is. My husband, as you know, graduated from the military high school, the Naval Academy in Constanta, and the Ph.D. thesis concerned is from this area too. It’s not something else. I repeat, it’s as if you would challenge a journalist’s paper on the mass-media,” Gabriela Firea stated.

She added that the accusations are just campaign attacks. “This is the elections campaign, there are hits below the belt too, they are orchestrated by our contenders, we will resist because Bucharesters and not only them have already seen what this is about: only groundless accusations and lies. My husband notified the website that he will sue because none of the things stated there are true,” Firea concluded.

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