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May 14, 2021

Wisdom of the Earth, beyond the scandal

On May 19, National Museum of Romanian Art held the opening of the exhibition called “Wisdom of the Earth. This is not a stone”.

The exhibition aims to indicate the narrative layers covering one of the most famous and controversial works in the modern Romanian art: Wisdom of the Earth.

Being performed by Constantin Brancusi in 1907, Wisdom of the Earth was exhibited for the first time in Romania at the “Artistic Youth” Society, right after a scandal which divided the cultural world. Since then and until today, the little “stone” was one of the most commented pieces of Romanian art.

Trustee Valentina Iancu, together with the art historian Doina Lemny and Alina Petrescu, relates the stories of the Wisdom in a documentary exhibition. The cultural value of the work of Brancusi has constantly grown, thanks to the dialogue it still causes among the contemporary artists. The documentary exhibition will be complemented by a contemporary art exhibition, a selection of pieces bringing an actual dimension to the art of Brancusi. The following artists will exhibit their works: Irina Botea, Mircea Cantor, Alexandra Croitoru, Vlad Nanca, Manuel Pelmus, Dan Perjovschi and Alexandra Pirici. Two performing art works by Alexandra Pirici and Manuel Pelmus were for the first time presented at the exhibition, as a part of the selection made by the trustee. The performance of the choreographer Alexandra Pirici was especially designed for the Brancusi Hall of the National Gallery, consisting in a live art work which brings a new feminist interpretation to the Brancusi creation: a nomadic Wisdom of the Earth.




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