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March 2, 2021

InvestRomania launches visibility-enhancing ‘Industry of the Month’ project

InvestRomania launched as of this May the Industry of the Month project aimed at promoting and increasing the visibility of key industries, informs an InvestRomania release.

In the limelight this May is the ICT sector, while June will be devoted to bio-economy.

According to the cited source, the key industries this year are: ICT, bio-economy, automotive, aerospace, creative industries and agribusiness. InvestRomania sets itself as a goal intensifying efforts to encourage foreign and domestic investments in these areas.

The InvestRomania team debuted the new www.investromania.gov.ro website, a platform addressing foreign investors, and covering a wide range of topics of interest for them such as macroeconomics, workforce, taxation, government support.

InvestRomania also targets this year intensifying its efforts to promote the country-specific competitive advantages in the international business community.

“With the support and involvement of relevant associations that operate in industry we jointly organized this month a series of events to promote companies in this area, create various themes of debate on the horizontal integration of IT in other industries (the Industry 4.0 concept), integrate the strategic know-how in the operations of IT companies and start-ups in order to help them grow their business and strengthen their cooperation with international relevant hubs,” say InvestRomania representatives.

InvestRomania is the government organization dedicated to providing professional support and advice to foreign investors in Romania, and whose mission is to attract and facilitate foreign direct investments.

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