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May 18, 2021

Food Revolution Day 2016, celebrated in Romania, too

Food Revolution Day, the worldwide movement initiated by the famous chef Jamie Oliver, who aims to educate the public and make it to adopt healthy eating, was celebrated this year on May 20, through various events which took place all over the country, with the support of more than 50 Food Revolution Ambassadors.

The campaign aims to encourage people to give up eating fast-food and return to the healthy habit of cooking. Underlying this initiative are the extremely affordable recipes found in the book called “Jamie’s Ministry of Food” (translated and published also at Curtea Veche Publishing, in 2012), through which Jamie Oliver wishes to prove that “anybody can learn cooking in 24 hours”.

Last year, 10,000 schools from 150 countries have participated at the event, while in Romania more than 50 schools and 1,800 students have joined the movement.

On May 20, at Iasi, the event was celebrated through a series of workshops of gastronomic education for children and adults, where there were cooked the recipes suggested by Jamie Oliver.

On May 21, cooking and nutritional workshops have taken also place at the Café Verona garden in Bucharest.

“This year, the Food Revolution Day campaign is dedicated to the awareness of the negative impact of the consumption of sugar, of refined sugar products and of the severe diseases caused by this consumption, such as diabetes, which affects health and quality of life. Around 40 teaspoons of sugar per day are consumed at the global level, namely 3 times over the accepted daily ration”, is mentioned in a press release issued by Curtea Veche Publishing. Also, according to a research performed by the Romanian Health Ministry, over 25 percent of the 8 years old children are overweight or obese, and most of the overweight children will develop cardiovascular diseases and diabetes of type II, orthopedic problems, mental disorders and a decline in the self esteem.

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