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October 21, 2021

Nicusor Dan to PNL: I was rather expecting such dirty attacks from PSD

Nicusor Dan, Save Bucharest Union’s (USB) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, has labelled PNL’s accusations that he is secretly backed by PSD as “dirty attacks” typical of the style used by the party led by Liviu Dragnea.

“It seems I became the favourite target of PNL’s elections campaign attacks. Honestly, I was rather expecting such dirty attacks from PSD. They are more accustomed to such calumnies. PNL’s Cezar Preda today made some lying statements about me and some of the people who support me. The people Cezar Preda attacks are authentic Romanian entrepreneurs, people whose professionalism and honesty were recognised in the most important countries in Europe. And yes, they are people who chose to come alongside me and who had the courage to make public the fact that they financially backed my electoral campaign,” Nicusor Dan wrote on Facebook last Friday.

He reiterated his call for Catalin Predoiu and Gabriela Firea to make public their electoral campaign expenditures, their incomes and the source of their campaign funds.

“The Save Bucharest Union is the only party that made public all information concerning the financing of its electoral campaign. I am asking you to show the same transparency,” Nicusor Dan concluded.

PNL Bucharest Spokesperson Cezar Preda stated last Friday that Nicusor Dan “is thrown into battle by PSD’s people,” adding that his contributors include George Iacobescu, a person close to Adrian Nastase, and Iulian Stanciu, co-founder of ASESOFT alongside Sebastian Ghita.

“Mr. Nicusor Dan is not an independent and is not even president of the party he says he established. He is a lure thrown into battle by PSD’s people. At our request, Mr. Nicusor Dar has presented a part of his list of contributors, hoping to pick the most honourable. They are honourable, but they are PSD’s,” the PNL Bucharest Spokesperson stated.

“We are talking about Sir George Iacobescu, who is one of Nicusor Dan’s contributors, a man otherwise honourable, but after Adrian Nastase’s visit to London in 2003 and Dan Ioan Popescu’s 2004 proposal for him to run for the Bucharest City Hall as PSD’s candidate, a proposal that he declined after several talk, the possibility of him being PSD’s Prime Minister after Mr. Adrian Nastase had won the Romanian Presidency also showed up. We didn’t invent it. (…) The second honourable person he presented as financier is currently the owner of Emag, but I hope nobody forgot that he is the founder of ASESOFT, alongside Sebastian Ghita. I believe I don’t have to say what his political opinion is,” Cezar Preda explained.

PNL publicly asked Nicusor Dan two questions: how does he explain the fact that “all of his actions as head of NGO targeted other real-estate developers” and why does not he publish the full list of campaign contributors.

“Our verifications are showing that Mr. Nicusor Dan is not transparent and we do not know what he’s hiding. Could his contributors be including companies that have problems now, who are at the centre of public opinion’s attention? We challenge him to make these lists public,” Preda concluded.

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