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September 27, 2021

Preda: PNL files complaint at AEP against “PSD’s rigged sociological surveys”

The National Liberal Party (PNL) filed last Friday at the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP) a complaint against Social Democrat Party’s (PSD) “rigged” sociological surveys that are meant to mislead public opinion, PNL Bucharest Spokesperson Cezar Preda stated.

“PSD is coming up with rigged surveys, using Mr. Pieleanu and Mr. Palada, and in the end it also comes up with a plagiarised platform for Bucharest. Today we filed at AEP a complaint in which we asked AEP to ensure fair elections, the correct informing of citizens through all media channels and through all legally permitted means, including sociological surveys. We have to put an end to these tactics, campaign strategies based on manipulation and disinformation, incriminated by the Romanian Civil Code,” Cezar Preda stated, referring to the “rigged surveys, which break the law, which Mr. Palada and Mr. Pieleanu have gotten us accustomed to through those sociological institutes they lead.”

The Liberal added that Marius Pieleanu and Mirel Palada, “being paid, erroneously offer any figure in order to manipulate and misinform public opinion,” and claimed that “this is PSD’s and Gabriela Firea’s only weapon.”

At the same time, Preda also showed that Gabriela Firea’s platform “is starting to look like plagiarism.”

“Ms. Firea’s platform is starting to look like plagiarism. Of course, she could not have remained inferior after her husband [Florin Pandele – editor’s note], whom the mass media discovered to be a notorious plagiarist, started blaming PNL. We have nothing against Pandelica [diminutive of Pandele – editor’s note], let him plagiarise as he wishes. (…) The lady journalist knows her job well, but she had no one from whom to learn about the law and plagiarism, her whole party being full of plagiarists. How can you claim you wrote the platform when you compiled it from this and that source. Where is your thinking Ms. Firea, where is your contribution, didn’t Pandelica tell you that if you simply write that it doesn’t mean you didn’t plagiarised from somewhere,” Preda said.

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