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March 3, 2021

Anticorruption authority prosecutes Senate Speaker Tariceanu for perjury, aiding and abetting offender

The prosecutors of the Brasov Office of the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) instructed the start of prosecution against Senate president Calin Popescu-Tariceanu for the offence of perjury and aiding and abetting the offender.

DNA states that as part of investigations to clear the case of the allegedly illegal return of a Snagov forest land plot and of the Baneasa Farm (the case being sent to court was announced to the media on May 18), Calin Popescu-Tariceanu was subpoenaed as a witness.

“The subpoena was necessary as indications existed that Popescu-Tariceanu was in the know about the criminal activity of the aforementioned group, given the business or friendship relations he had with members thereof. During the April 15 hearing, in the deposition given under oath, he made statements inconsistent with the truth regarding essential case-related aspects he was asked about and did not state everything he knows about essential circumstances, thereby aiming to prevent / hinder investigations and the holding accountable of the defendants under investigation in the case before the court,” the prosecutors assert according to Agerpres.

According to DNA, Popescu-Tariceanu untruthfully stated that he was unaware of Tal Silberstein, Remus Truica and others having acquired the inheritance rights of Prince Paul and that he did not discuss the notary fees required.

“He also denied having close relationships and having stayed in touch with defendants Dan Andronic and Tal Silberstein, stating that he had only sporadically met them and that he only learned about the case from media reports based on DNA releases. He also denied having presented / introduced Tal Silberstein to other Romanian politicians. Popescu-Tariceanu also said that he didn’t have a close relationship with defendant Marius Marcovici, also withholding his knowledge about the latter’s connection with Silberstein. These statements are not consistent with the truth, as they are contradicted by the evidence produced (statements of the witnesses, the suspects and other evidence),” reads the DNA statement.

The anti-corruption authority specifies that the suspect was notified of his capacity in the trial and the charges he faces.


Businessman Truica, Prince Paul to remain under house arrest


The Supreme Court of Justice on Tuesday ruled that businessman Remus Truica and Prince Paul be judged under house arrest in a case of fraudulent returning of Baneasa Farm.

The court sustained a challenge filed by the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA), after the Brasov Court of Appeal decided on May 20 to replace the house arrest with the court supervision measure in the case of Remus Truica and Prince Paul.

However, the court denied the prosecutors’ request for pre-trial arrest of Israeli citizens Tal Solberstein, Benyamin Steinmetz and Moshe Agavi.

Remus Truica and Prince Paul had been under house arrest since December 2015.

Businessman Remus Truica, Prince Paul and journalist Dan Andronic were sent to court last week by the DNA prosecutors, alongside other persons, in the Baneasa Farm case.

Truica stands accused of setting up an organised crime ring, continued influence peddling and money laundering, complicity to abuse of office and bribery, and Prince Paul is charged with continued influence buying and money laundering.

The accusations regard offences committed in 006-2013 in various participatory forms, seeking to obtain outstanding valuable assets, such as the Snagov Forest and the Baneasa Royal Farm, unrightfully claimed by Prince Paul.

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