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February 9, 2023

Hexi Pharma’s Condrea killed by the violent impact

The autopsy of Dan Condrea, the Hexi Pharma owner, continued on Tuesday, coroners eliminating, at the end of a thorough analysis, the hypothesis of a heart attack or of a stroke. According to medical sources quoted by Agerpres, his heart was normal and the death was caused by the violent impact. “Severe trauma is the cause of death. The heart is fine, it’s a normal heart. A heart attack or stroke is ruled out,” the sources stated.

The businessman’s family had stated the body would be picked up on Tuesday, at the end of the autopsy, on the basis of an identification report. The first part of the autopsy ended on Monday. Several pieces of evidence were taken and will be analysed by forensic experts.

The autopsy has revealed that the lifeless body had a large number of injuries to the head, spine, chest, abdomen, as well as torn internal organs.

Quoting judicial sources, ‘Libertatea’ daily writes that the team of coroners allegedly spent three hours reconstructing the victim’s shattered face, in order for Uliana Ochinciuc, Condrea’s wife, to be able to identify the body. “The skull was shattered, and the victim’s face was a mess. He was basically unrecognisable. A faceless person. That is why forensic specialists spent three hours putting the businessman’s face back again. They carefully reconstructed his face in order to be identified,” the same judicial sources added.

On Tuesday morning, prosecutors carried out search and seizure actions at the homes of Dan Condrea, the Hexi Pharma owner thought to have died in a violent car crash on Sunday evening outside Buftea. Prosecutors seized Dan Condrea’s laptop and telephone. Moreover, they seized several objects that will be used to carry out the DNA test that will confirm whether the man who died in the car crash was Dan Condrea. The victim had been disfigured in the crash.

The computer forensics investigations are taking place against the backdrop in which the General Prosecutor’s Office’s investigations are continuing in the diluted disinfectants case and a Hexi Pharma employee who wanted to remain anonymous stated that Dan Condrea allegedly kept, in a secret apartment, an archive of documents showing the companies with which he had contracts. Likewise, the employee also claimed that Dan Condrea’s laptop contains a file detailing the bribes paid in order for the contracts to be awarded, Antena 3 informs.

According to ProTV, prosecutors want to verify whether the businessman left any last messages. This is the first time investigators search Dan Condrea’s home, the aforementioned source informs. Also on Tuesday, prosecutors heard several key witnesses in the case opened after Sunday evening’s car crash.

Investigators are considering several leads, including suicide, especially since there were no skid marks at the scene of the crash. Likewise, the press has published information according to which Dan Condrea was fearing arrest, having told his lawyer that he was summoned for hearings on May 23 and that he was about to be informed that he was going to be detained.

Moreover, according to sources, Dan Condrea allegedly changed his last will early this month. The autopsy of the driver killed in the crash continued on Tuesday. The body was identified by relatives, with DNA tests set to establish his identity and dispel any doubts. On the other hand, forensic physicians want to verify whether Dan Condrea had health problems or may have had a heart attack while driving.


Hexi Pharma, contracts with 152 medical units, worth 51 million lei


Between 2014-2016, Hexi Pharma signed contracts  for sale of biocide products with 152 medical units and their value is about 51 million lei , the Prosecutor General’s office informed on Tuesday.

Earlier in the morning, Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar said that prosecutors would come up later in the day with a report on the damage incurred in the case of diluted hospital disinfectants implicating drugs maker Hexi Pharma.

“We will have a damage report today. Documents are still being seized, so the damage might be updated in the days ahead. Additional damage might be discovered in the coming days,” Lazar said Tuesday before entering the General Prosecution Office.

As far as the death of Hexi Pharma owner Dan Condrea is concerned, Lazar said forensic tests will be conducted to identify the person involved in the car accident, along with computer searches, for which storage media were seized for examination.

The prosecutor general declined to say whether or not Condrea was wiretapped or whether or not the General Prosecution Office had information about the Hexi Pharma owner.


Presidential Administration’s dedicated medical service announces not having used Hexi Pharma disinfectants


 The Medical Emergency and Sanitary Transport Service of the Military Central University Emergency Hospital, that also covers the Presidential Administration, did not use Hexi Pharma disinfectants, the medical facility said in a Tuesday release to the media.

“The Medical Emergency and Sanitary Transport Service of the Military Central University Emergency Hospital, which also covers the Presidential Administration, did not use Hexi Pharma disinfectants; in 2012 and 2013 it only had topical antiseptics (iodine-based solutions, specifically aqueous solution and tincture) supplied from the said drug maker. The medical office serving the Presidential Administration did not use Hexi Pharma products,” reads the release.

The Military Central University Emergency Hospital says that its mission is to ensure the safety of its patients by handling them with the same care regardless of their social and professional category.



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