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April 22, 2021

Dr. Oz gives first aid to member of audience at conference in Bucharest

Present in Bucharest on Wednesday, to deliver an exceptional speech at a conference at the Palace Hall, the famous Dr. Oz jumped off the stage and gave first aid to a member of the audience who had collapsed. Dr. Mehmet Oz gave him first aid on the floor, near the stage, during the several minutes before an EMS unit arrived. It all happened in front of almost 2,000 people who looked on in disbelief as the man who had just talked to them about healthy lifestyle was now giving first aid. Thanks to the organisers, and host Dragos Bucurenci, everyone remained seated while EMS physicians took the man on a stretcher to the ambulance waiting outside.

Dr. Oz returned to the stage to continue his presentation only when the man was put on the stretcher.

This was Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Oz’s first visit in Romania, where he gave a speech at the conference titled “Take your life to the next level”. Considered the medical event of the year, dedicated to healthy lifestyle, the conference treated topics related to Health & Lifestyle and provided the audience with advices meant to help improve their lives.

During the whole conference, the audience had the opportunity to listen to the speeches of some exceptional Romanian speakers, including Dr. Victor Clatici (MD Dermatology – Venerology), Lygia Alexandrescu (Associate Professor, Nutritionist Doctor), Andy Szekely (writer, trainer and motivational speaker) and Andreea Raicu (motivational speaker).

The conference was followed by another private event, dedicated exclusively to the important personalities of the Romanian medical world, namely “The Gala for Excellence in Medicine, Innovation and Related Areas”, where Dr. Oz himself awarded the prizes.

Dr. Oz is the world’s most famous doctor because he brought complementary medicine under the limelight through TV shows (he became famous due to The Dr. Oz Show, launched in cooperation with Oprah Winfrey), radio programs or by publishing various written materials, all of them extremely beloved by the American public and gradually starting to be appreciated and respected worldwide.

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