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May 27, 2022

Elections for Bucharest City Hall, first TV debate of the main competitors: Predoiu proposes single right-wing candidate to defeat PSD. Barbu and Dan refuse

Catalin Predoiu, PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, proposed on Monday evening, at an elections campaign debate in which three other candidates took part (PSD’s Gabriela Firea, ALDE’s Daniel Barbu and USB’s Nicusor Dan), for the three right-wing candidates to carry out an opinion poll during the last week of the campaign and to endorse the candidate that has the highest score among them. He was refused.

“Do you agree with us three carrying out an opinion poll in the last week of the campaign, and with the one who scores the highest to be endorsed by the other two?” Catalin Predoiu asked Daniel Barbu (ALDE) and Nicusor Dan (USB).

“I’m afraid you don’t understand what society is saying, what people are writing on Facebook, they are fed up with the profoundly corrupt way in which Romania has been managed. Society is asking you to change the way of making politics, you can’t come up after you fixed the game with PSD and say you represent the right wing. People don’t want that. If you want to prove it, you had the possibility to support the candidate who has the possibility of defeating PSD, who guarantees that local administration changes. And what do you do!? You attack me,” Nicusor Dar said on Antena 3, at the first local elections campaign debate.

Likewise, Nicusor Dan reproached Catalin Predoiu for attacking him through PNL Bucharest Spokesperson Cezar Preda.

“If we are corrupt, why are you asking for our vote? I didn’t attack you, I said let’s join forces. (…) Unlike you, I’ve already done things in politics,” Predoiu said.

“You say you’re not attacking me but you’re already doing it right now,” Dan added.

“I’m not attacking you, I want to make you mayor,” Catalin Predoiu concluded, reiterating his proposal and pointing out that he will raise the issue again during the last week of the elections campaign.

Liviu Mihaiu spoke in support of the USB candidate.

ALDE candidate Daniel Barbu turned down the proposal.

“As I see things, this has no object, because I don’t see this as a Homeric clash between the right wing and the left wing. (…) My party is the only one with an explicitly Liberal platform, a centre-right platform in textbooks, but we’re not working with textbooks. We are the only worried party. (…) I am very sorry, I cannot accept your proposal,” Daniel Barbu said.

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