Ex-Premier Victor Ponta does not want Lower Chamber Speaker office but… will sacrifice himself

Ex-Premier Victor Ponta stated on Monday in the Senate that he does not want the office of Lower Chamber Speaker but “in life one doesn’t do only what one wants.” Asked by journalists whether he discussed with PSD President Liviu Dragnea about his support for the office of Lower Chamber Speaker, Victor Ponta answered negatively and said that he does not even want the office, however “in life one doesn’t do only what one wants.” Victor Ponta added that he does not want to take over the office of party president either. A decision concerning Valeriu Zgonea’s dismissal from the office of Speaker of the Lower Chamber could be taken only after the local elections, since MPs are currently campaigning. The decision would be taken on the basis of the amendments brought last week to the Lower Chamber’s Regulations.

The Lower Chamber’s Regulations Commission decided last Tuesday that the dismissal of the Lower Chamber Speaker should take place at the request of the parliamentary group that nominated him, and the members of the Standing Bureau, including the Chairman, should automatically lose their offices once they lose political backing.

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