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October 6, 2022

SRI Committee: Neither Hexi Pharma, nor its reps were subject of national security cases

Neither Hexi Pharma drug maker, nor representatives thereof were subject of national security cases, Parliament’s Committee on Oversight of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) said Wednesday in a press statement.

“SRI investigated and it is currently investigating several national security cases (intelligence operations) regarding nosocomial infections that have yielded relevant information, including about Hexi Pharma, but neither the company, nor its representatives were the object of security cases,” the statement says.

The committee also informs about a May 23 inspection regarding the healthcare crisis.

“Considering the national security objectives established under the National Defence Strategy, correlated with the 2016 National Intelligence Priority Plan, the activity of the Romanian Intelligence Service also regards probing deficiencies in the national healthcare system (as part of a specific objective: preventing/countering serious violations of the right to healthcare),” the statement says.

The SRI Committee mentions that nosocomial infections caught the attention of SRI as part of investigations into systemic deficiencies of the healthcare system that would risk generating such infections, besides generating other negative consequences.

In the case of Hexi Pharma, the committee’s checks have revealed that SRI is currently engaged in cooperation with criminal prosecution bodies according to the legislation in force.

“In conducting its duties, the Romanian Intelligence Shrive uses its national security mandate proportional to the magnitude of actual national security threats and in instances where documentation possibilities through other intelligence means have been exhausted. In the case of Hexi Pharma and the particular instance of the company’s owner, Condrea, the conditions that would have legally justified such a request were not met, given that such a request would have entailed temporarily restricting fundamental rights and freedoms,” the committee adds.

It says that its checks reveled that neither Hexi Pharma, nor the persons mentioned in its request were the object of national security cases or intel surveillance.

The Romanian Intelligence Service made available to the committee as presentation of the methods/regulations/legislation that define intel operations called national security cases.

“A criminal probe is underway, as well as operations related to the objective undertaken by SRI – preventing/countering serious violations of the right to healthcare under Article 7 (2) of Parliament’s Decision 30/1993 – (…),” the committee says.


PM Ciolos: If he deems necessary, President will request intelligence services’ activity to be discussed in CSAT meeting


Premier Dacian Ciolos said that if he deems necessary, President Iohannis will request the activity of the intelligence services to be discussed in the meeting of the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT), underscoring that he doesn’t think that issues like the Hexi Pharma scandal can be sorted out exclusively by the respective services.

“The activity of the intelligence services was discussed at other CSAT sittings, where they presented their activity report, and I am sure that if he deems necessary, Mr. President Iohannis will request this. But I don’t think that issues like Hexi Pharma and others of the kind can be solved by the intelligence services alone. This is a paradox – on the one hand we are sometimes outraged that the intelligence services are getting too much involved in decisions of importance for the society, like administrative decisions, but on the other hand, when we experience issues, instead of asking ourselves how we can reform the system and if we are capable of accepting a reform thereof, we complain about the insufficient involvement of the intelligence services. I think we need to decide at some point what we want to do and if we want to assume certain changes,” Dacian Ciolos told private TV broadcaster Digi 24.

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