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May 12, 2021

Vodafone Romania Foundation finances projects worth EUR 23 M for 1.4 million beneficiaries

  • Through the Connecting for Good programme, the foundation offered the first telemedicine solutions in Romania and used EUR 2.9 M to finance projects for 30,000 beneficiaries
  • The Strategic Project for Investment in Rural Areas used EUR 650,000 to finance 55 projects for 35,000 beneficiaries
  • The Foundation renovated eight blood transfusion centres used by a third of Romanian blood donors, which provide the blood required by 291 hospitals
  • The Foundation invested EUR 2 M to build South East Europe’s most modern intensive care unit for newborns, at the Marie Curie Hospital


The Vodafone Romania Foundation has financed projects worth EUR 23 M for 1.4 million beneficiaries during its 18 years of existence, according to the information offered by the Foundation’s representatives at the Connecting for Good conference organised in Bucharest on May 25.

“During its 18 years of activity, the Vodafone Romania Foundation implemented wide-ranging projects in four strategic directions: healthcare, education, social services and volunteering. Connecting for Good is one of our strategic programmes that bring these directions together, financing projects that use technology to improve people’s lives. Through this programme, we managed to offer the first telemedicine solutions in Romania for SMURD ambulances, for children dependent on insulin, for rural patients with heart conditions, and for newborns alike,” Vodafone Romania Foundation Director Angela Galeta stated.

Through the Connecting for Good programme, launched in 2012 as Mobile for Good, the Vodafone Romania Foundation has so far offered financing to 38 projects, with a total value of EUR 2.9 M and over 30,000 beneficiaries. The projects are selected through an annual financing round open to NGOs that want to use mobile technology to support education and healthcare, to the benefit of physically, socially or economically disadvantaged persons.

Another 55 projects were financed with EUR 650,000 through the Strategic Project for Investment in Rural Areas, the first project of this size carried out in Romania. Launched in 2015, the project currently has 35,000 beneficiaries in 41 counties and will continue this year too. The Mereu Aproape Foundation, Pact Foundation, Crown Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation and Sprijin Comunitar Foundation have been involved in this project alongside the Vodafone Romania Foundation.

Ms. Ioana Hochia – coordinator of the “EdukAction” project in Firiza locality, Mr. Petru Laies – coordinator of the “Healthy, clean and educated” project in Farilug locality, Ms. Daniela Ceredeev – Pro Europa Association in Valea Moldovitei locality and Mr. Mihai Viorel Corcodel – coordinator of the ‘Constantin Ghinda’ Centre for Youth project in Lupsa de Jos locality expanded on some of the investment projects carried out in rural areas.

Another large project implemented by the Vodafone Foundation in the healthcare domain was the renovation of blood transfusion centres, a project that has totalled investments of EUR 350,000 so far. Started in 2011, the project has contributed to the renovation of eight blood transfusion centres that serve a third of the blood donors nationwide and which provide the blood required by 291 hospitals. In 2016, the blood transfusion centres in Arad, Alba Iulia, Brasov, Constanta and Calarasi will benefit from renovation works, while the centres in Targu-Mures, Sfantu Gheorghe, Slobozia, Bistrita and Drobeta Turnu Severin will be equipped with high-tech equipment.

Ms. Irina Margareta Nistor – Honorary President of the Vodafone Foundation, Ms. Ramona Lesnic – Director of the Olt Blood Transfusion Centre and Ms. Laura Pacurariu – Director of the Arad Blood Transfusion Centre expanded on the Foundation’s achievements in this project.

Likewise, the Vodafone Romania Foundation has built South East Europe’s most modern intensive care unit for newborns at the Marie Curie Hospital in Bucharest, a project that required an investment of EUR 2 M. The hospital’s new ward has four storeys, a capacity of 27 beds, a surface area of 1,600 square metres and can treat 400 newborns annually. The novelty about the intensive care unit for newborns is the complete separation of patients, each patient benefitting from an individual room. Likewise, there is a telemedicine system in each of the hospital’s wards, the system allowing the healthcare staff to permanently monitor patients. Mr. Alexandru Popa, President of the “Children’s Heart” Association and Mr. Sorin Tarnoveanu, neurosurgeon within the hospital, expanded on the benefits of the project.

Another project implemented with the help of the Vodafone Foundation is “The Brave Lion” application developed by the Little People Romania Association, an application that Ms. Katie Rizvi, the founder of the Association, presented. “The Brave Lion” is the first mobile application for children hospitalised in child oncology wards in Romania, its goal being to educate patients.

Ms. Raluca Teleanu, paediatric neurology primary care physician, Ms. Dana Paica, President of the Neurocare Association, and Mr. Razvan Macarie from the Profilaxis Medical Aid Foundation also talked about the projects financed by the Vodafone Foundation.

Neurosurgeon and Romanian Academy member Leon Danaila was special guest.

Vodafone Romania Foundation is part of the Vodafone Group Foundation, an international organisation whose subsidiaries have been active for 25 years in 27 countries.

Vodafone Romania Foundation is a Romanian charity NGO distinct and independent of the company’s commercial operations. Vodafone Romania Foundation was established in 1998. More details on the foundation’s programmes can be found on:




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