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October 28, 2021

New revelations in Hexi Pharma case

The death of Hexi Pharma owner Dan Condrea continues to be surrounded by controversies, the strangest of statements being made.

Flori Dinu, Hexi Pharma General Director, talked to the press on Thursday, in a first since the disinfectants row erupted, and stated that Dan Condrea allegedly knew that the products had problems but did not believe the problems were so serious. The Hexi Pharma owner allegedly talked with his employees about this after the scandal started.

Also on Thursday, documents were seized at the Hexi Pharma HQ and taken to the Prosecutor’s Office, where new hearings also took place.

“We ran effectiveness tests, to see the effectiveness of the products. We were testing almost each batch of products we manufactured and delivered to hospitals. They always turned out to be efficient,” Flori Dinu said.

“The whole time I spent at Hexi Pharma, 16 years, I never paid bribes to a physician in my capacity as Hexi Pharma representative, director general or what not. The current situation, in my point of view, is either made-up or is calumny. I ask him (the person who claims bribes were paid – editor’s note) to go to the Prosecutor’s Office and file a denunciation,” the director general added.

Referring to the car Condrea was driving at the time of the car crash in which he died, Dinu stated that he had been using that car “for well over two weeks.”

Laura Georgescu, Dan Condrea’ ex-wife, also came up with new and shocking revelations about the company’s illegal activities. She stated for Antena 3 that in 2008-2009 she warned the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), through a close friend, about suspicious activity at Unilab, the laboratory with which Hexi Pharma was collaborating, offering evidence on possible bioterrorism actions, and handing over a series of documents on obscure activities carried out within the commercial space whose director general she was. Laura Georgescu claims Dan Condrea brought to Romania, from Germany, several samples of very dangerous bacteria, meningococcal germs, and that after she filed the complaint he started threatening to kill her. She claims Dan Condrea frequently tailed her car and she feared him. Likewise, she claims that in 2012 she asked SRI to verify whether he was a covert agent, warning that he had attempted to kill her. Her request went unanswered. She also stated that she has proof about the bribes that Dan Condrea paid to the members of several political parties. Laura Georgescu also stated that she does not believe her ex-husband committed suicide because he was not prone to depression: “He never had suicidal tendencies.”

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