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February 4, 2023

The T-shirt which assesses your health, intelligent headphones and humanoid robots as teachers – only at Infomatrix 2016

We are not far from the day in which our clothes will tell us if we are sick or not, or from the day in which we’ll be able to go to the ATM without a card, a simple look being enough to extract money and perform payments. Participants to the IT projects competition dedicated to pupils and students called Infomatrix 2016, are already preparing themselves for the future, and the projects they’ve brought to the contest in Bucharest fully demonstrate us this thing.

530 pupils and students from 48 countries will take part to the 14th edition of Infomatrix competition, presenting towards the juries represented by specialists 347 projects within the following categories: Programming, Computer Art, HardwareControl, Short Movie and Robotics.

The event is organized by “Lumina Institutii de Invatamant” Foundation and will take place from May 27 to May 30, 2016, at the Bucharest international School. This year, the official partner of the competition is IBM Romania.

The competition will hold humanoid robots that teach students programming languages, robots which are designed to rescue animals from the wood in case of fire, intelligent headphones which adapt the music volume so that your health will not be affected, a T-shirt which warns you if your health status is poor, a device which helps you to use the ATM by scanning your iris (so we don’t need anymore cards and pins and so on), and even a hybrid between an automatic device and a coffee machine (for a personalized coffee). Also, in trend with the great companies, the Romanian students have prepared their own version for the intelligent controlled residence, while their Bosnian colleagues have made a wheelchair designed for disabled people, which may be handled by using commands created by brain or face muscles. These are only a few of the extremely interesting projects which entered the Infomatrix 2016 competition.

The first winning project of each of the sections Programming, Computer Art, HardwareControl and Short Movie will be rewarded with EUR 500, prizes being offered by Avira, a company producing antivirus software. At the same time, the first winning project of each of the four categories within Robotics will be rewarded with a mini iPad, prizes being offered by iStyle. Not least, all the participants, either students or professors, will receive an Avira antivirus software.


INFOMATRIX is an international competition held annually in Romania starting from 2003. The competition was created in order to allow the best worldwide students in the IT field to know us and to exchange ideas by presenting IT & C projects. INFOMATRIX national stages take place in Mexico, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland and Romania.

The objective of the competition is to encourage young people to use their imagination, passion and creativity in order to design technological innovations that could bring a positive development of the society.

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