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February 25, 2021

Liviu Dragnea: President Iohannis should rest easy, we won’t impeach him; Gov’t can’t rest as easily

Social Democrat Party (PSD) leader Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday evening in Bistrita that President Klaus Iohannis can “rest easy” because the Social Democrats do not plan to start an impeachment procedure against him. On the other hand, the Ciolos Government cannot rest as easily, Dragnea labelling it as inefficient and possible “national security risk.”

The statement came as a reply to the statements made by PNL Co-President Alina Gorghiu, who had talked about PSD’s possible intentions of toppling the Government and of impeaching the President.

“I find it hard to be serious [responding] to such nonsense. I have to be very careful, to find the right words because we are nevertheless talking about a lady who has to be respected, right? There is no such thing in our plan, impeaching the President. Honestly, I can’t comment on this, because it’s nonsense. (…) Mr. President Iohannis should rest easy because we won’t impeach him, we don’t plan to do this. The Government cannot rest as easily, because it is governing from bad to worse. If Prime Minister Ciolos doesn’t understand that there are some ministers who have to be replaced, because they have already started to cause serious damage to the Romanian state, then he runs very high risks and can be considered an accessory to this damage. (…) If he continues to protect inefficient members of the Government then of course we will seriously think whether endorsing the Government is not starting to become a national security risk,” Dragnea stated.

The PSD President considers that Alina Gorghiu’s statements are generated by the Liberals’ “desperation” with not being able to grow in the polls.

“These statements that the Liberals are making are probably generated by desperation. I was unable to see a project or a plan, a strategy on their part. They only know to talk about us. They are trying to form all kinds of alliances, I’ve seen this in Bucharest too, to unite, some to bow out, others to remain, while not proposing anything for Bucharesters. These are statements made by the leaders of a party that is falling in the polls every day, because they are not proposing anything, they also have very serious internal fights,” Liviu Dragnea stated.

Asked about a possible censure motion, Dragnea said that party colleagues are demanding this but the option is still being analysed, because there is the possibility that the new Government would be “just as weak” and would need many months to adapt, a fact that could lead Romania into an area of instability.

Liviu Dragnea considers that the Agriculture Ministry, the European Funds Ministry and the Environment Ministry are among the ministries whose activity has been “very poor, with serious negative effects.” On the other hand, he positively appraised the Interior Ministry, Defence Ministry, Regional Development Ministry and Foreign Affairs Ministry.


Valeriu Zgonea could be dismissed on June 7


Valeriu Zgonea could be dismissed from the office of Speaker of the Lower Chamber at the first plenary meeting after the local elections. More precisely, on June 7. The date was announced by PSD President Liviu Dragnea.

“It’s an elections campaign, the MPs are in their constituencies. To be able to start the dismissal procedure we need a sufficient number [of MPs]. Still, it’s not the end of Parliament if he [Valeriu Zgonea] stays in office until June 7. On June 7 we are prepared to carry out dismissal procedures,” Liviu Dragnea stated at a press conference in Sebes, Agerpres informs.

“When the office is vacant, PSD will make a nomination, which will be approved,” the PSD leader added.


“I don’t know if I want another term as MP; being deputy is easy job”


Dragnea has stated, on Thursday afternoon, at an electoral meeting organized in the resort town of Sangeorz-Bai in Bistrita-Nasaud county, that he doesn’t know if he wants another term as MP, because being a deputy “is an easy job”.

“Being deputy is an easy job. You go on Monday afternoon and leave on Wednesday afternoon. I am at my first term as MP, I don’t know if I will want another, because I am used to working since I was a child and you get bored there. I mean, all you do is raise your hand… I’m kidding,” said Dragnea to the over 200 party members and supporters present at the meeting.

Liviu Dragnea has conducted, on Thursday, a trip to Sangeorz-Bai to show his support for the PSD candidate for mayor, deputy Daniel Suciu.


Currently door is closed at Government for National Local Development Programme


PSD national leader also said at Sangeorz-Bai that the National Local Development Programme (PNDL), which he has initiated as Minister of Regional Development has currently “the door of the Government closed” although it helped a lot of small and medium-sized companies countrywide, not only the local communities.

“Think a little, in 2015, some 20,000 bln old lei (e.n. – former currency, ROL, converted in 2005 to RON at a rate of 10,000 ROL to 1 RON) have been flowing in, in general, in the Romanian companies, this year some 30,000 bln old lei. And the people work, obviously, if money comes in. Now, of course, they want other projects, only that the door at the Government is closed,” said Dragnea.

Being asked if the PNDL has any chances to be continued, Liviu Dragnea answered that it is such an opportunity if the PSD returns to ruling.

“But, of course, after we come back. Truly, after we return. Haven’t you seen already that for two months now they started to say that there is no money anymore? I don’t know, they don’t find it, because nobody hid it. We are a little more patient,” said the PSD leader.




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