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September 23, 2021

Ludovic Orban no longer under judiciary control

The High Court of Justice (ICCJ) decided on Wednesday to reject the National Anticorruption Directorate’s (DNA) appeal against the decision to cancel the judiciary control measure adopted in the legal case in which Ludovic Orban, National Liberal Party’s (PNL) former candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, has been indicted by the DNA. The decision is final.

Supreme Court magistrates have decided to cancel the judiciary control of  Ludovic Orban in the legal case in which PNL’s former candidate for the Bucharest City Hall is accused of allegedly asking a businessman for campaign contributions. The decision is final.

Ludovic Orban, former PNL candidate and former PNL Vice President, has been arraigned for using his influence in order to obtain undue benefits, the legal case being registered at the High Court of Justice.

Prosecutors claim that, on March 1, Ludovic Orban allegedly contacted a businessman whom he knew, asking him for money for his campaign for the local elections this year, elections in which Ludovic Orban had been nominated as PNL’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall. The businessman concerned is Tiberiu Urdareanu, according to judicial sources.

The same sources pointed out that Urdareanu wore a wire at one of his meetings with Ludovic Orban, recording Orban asking him for EUR 50,000, money he would have used to pay two private broadcaster owners – B1TV director Sorin Oancea and Realitatea TV shareholder Cozmin Gusa – in return for television appearances during the elections campaign.

Ludovic Orban allegedly asked Tiberiu Urdareanu for EUR 50,000 in cash, “not in a legal manner, and going above the threshold established by the campaign finance law, stating that he would have had to hand over the money to persons he named, persons holding leadership positions within two broadcasting stations, in order for them to promote the candidate’s image,” prosecutors claim.

According to the DNA, Urdareanu accepted the deal “bearing in mind the leadership position Orban Ludovic held within a party and his potential to intervene in domains of interests for the businesses he controls.”

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