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April 17, 2021

Nuclear energy to be part of energy mix in future too

Energy Ministry Secretary of State Corina Popescu: “Romania is first in the world in the nuclear domain from standpoint of the capacity factor”


Nuclear energy will be part of the national energy mix in the future too, Romania being one of the countries that support the production of nuclear energy at European level, Energy Ministry Secretary of State Corina Popescu stated on Thursday at a conference on Romania’s nuclear programme.

“Nuclear energy is part of Romania’s energy mix and will be part of it in the future too. Alongside renewable energy, the production of nuclear energy is part of the direction Europe has committed to take, that of decarbonisation. The production of energy from nuclear sources is free-carbon energy,” the official said.

She added that the construction of nuclear reactors no.3 and no.4 at the Cernavoda nuclear power plant will be a topic analysed as part of the process of drafting Romania’s Energy Strategy 2016-2030 with outlook on 2050, a document currently pending.

“I want to repeat, from the Energy Ministry’s point of view nuclear energy will be part of Romania’s energy mix in the future too. At European level, Romania is among the countries that support the production of energy from nuclear sources,” the Secretary of State underscored.

Popescu reminded that this year Romania is first in the world in the nuclear domain from standpoint of the capacity factor.


 Daniela Lulache, CEO of Nuclearelectrica: Government committed to grant support mechanisms for reactors 3, 4 of Cernavoda plant


The Government approved at the beginning of this year a support letter that certifies the fact that the project for reactors 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda nuclear plant is a priority strategic project for Romania and that it can be implemented only with the support of the state, said, on Thursday, Daniela Lulache (photo), CEO of Nuclearelectrica, the state-owned company administrating nuclear energy, during a conference on the topic of Romania’s nuclear program.

‘We have a negotiation procedure with the Chinese partner that is taking place. I can swear that they are taking place. Half of our effective time is allotted to this project. We are involved in a negotiation commission, and state representatives are also in this negotiation commission. We are negotiating everyday and we are advancing this project, that is now in its latter stages,’ Lulache said.

She showed that the letter also contains the support mechanisms that can be used for this project.

‘The Government has issued a support letter, as part of this entire mechanism and it mainly says the following: Romania is aware that this project can develop only with the involvement and the support of the Romanian state, the Romanian state considers this project to be a priority strategic project and describes a series of support mechanisms that it will analyze and grant for the development of the project,’ the Nuclearelectrica official mentioned.

Lulache also said that part of these support mechanisms are in fact state aid and must be approved by the European Commission.

According to her, the support letter was approved by memorandum and represents an addendum to the understanding memorandum signed by Nuclearelectrica and Chinese Company China General Nuclear Power Corporation.

Lulache also said that Energonuclear, the company managing the project of reactors 3 and 4 until now, will merge with the new company managing the project.

On November 9, 2015, representatives of Nuclearelectrica and China General Nuclear Power Corporation signed an Understanding Memorandum regarding the development, construction and decommissioning of units 3 and 4 of the Cernavoda Nuclear-Electric Plant.

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