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September 20, 2021

PM Ciolos: I do not want results for self-image, but change in mentality

The Government will act for sustainable changes in mentality, and not to get result for its self-image, despite months-old criticism that the Government does not work in the interest of Romanians and did not perform well, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said Thursday.

“I’ve been hearing for months now that the incumbent government allegedly does not work in the interest of the country, that it does not perform well or that it has no results to show. (…) When you want results overnight, you are bound to make short work of things. When you do something consistently results will follow later, they start putting down roots. And that is what I want by our manner of actions and do so not to get results for self-image, but to leave footprints behind so that the change process may be sustainable; instead of achieving perfunctory change, I hope to get a change in mentality, which entails, first of all, us changing our mentality and way of action. That is why we have acted from the very beginning by taking measures leading to transparency, transparency of the decisions we make, of how we spend public monies, as well as predictability in the decision-making process, and starting from that we wanted to generate more efficiency,” Ciolos told Capital Gala Awards.

He added that healthcare, education and public administration should be the pillars of any developed country in search of high performance.

“I am aware that, in order for the Romanian economy to work, the business community doing its job very well does not suffice, unless the Government does its work well enough by steering essential public policies and boosting economic growth. What I have in mind is the healthcare system, education and public administration. These three things should be the pillars of any developed country seeking high economic performance. And I believe the time has come for us to have a moment of truth in these areas, because we cannot solve a problem as long as we do not recognise it,” said Ciolos, according to Agerpres.

He added that the problems in these areas have been swept under the carpet for the past 25 years, and now a price for the indolence toward them is being paid.

He said support for state reform and the reform of these public sectors comes from the Romanian society, which is in touch with “high performance and honesty.”

“Support for this reform comes firstly from that part of the Romanian society that is already in touch with high performance, that sees honesty leads to efficiency and that treats things accordingly,” said Ciolos.


“Economic development vision to be unveiled to public leaders in coming weeks”


The Premier said that in the coming weeks, he will unveil to society leaders a vision of economic development, mentioning that there are some projects which have emerged after consultations with the business environment as well.

“There are some projects underway, which have also came as a result of consultations we had with you, I am also thinking about the economic development vision which we want to unveil to society representatives in the coming weeks, a vision in which we can integrate both the measures to stimulate the economic environment, and the reform measures of the sectors that are essential to the economic development of the country, to local development, and do it so that these projects can be continued in time and no longer depend solely on one Government or another, on one party or another,” Ciolos told business people at a Capital Gala Awards. At the same time, he mentioned the state-owned economic sector of Romania. “I hope I live to see that day when Romania’s state-owned sector, the economic sector on state-owned capital, reaches the same performance level you show today,” Ciolos also told the business people from the private sector awarded at the event.


“I hope ANAF never again to be scarecrow to economic environment, but partner”


The National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) must be a bridge between the private sector and the Government, and no longer be a scarecrow to the economic environment, but a partner, Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos said on Thursday.

“To be able to support economic growth and economic development, we need highly performing public policies that must be supported by needs-tested spending and, that is why, we also have in mind not only the idea of increasing the budget, because it has its limits, but using as well as possible the budget allotments, the money we collect from you, the taxpayers. And here, certainly, ANAF has its role, which I hope no longer becomes a scarecrow to the economic environment, but a partner. It is true that ANAF sometimes faces pressure to collect money to the budget; however, I believe the pressure shouldn’t be what leads to high collection performance, but this performance should come in the first place from reducing the tax burden and from a voluntary contribution, so to say, to this collection process,” Ciolos told a Capital Gala Awards.

The PM added that ANAF is a key institution to the national budget and it should be so in the relation with the business environment as well.

He said he hopes the Government continues to be a partner to the business environment supporting Romania’s economic development.

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