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March 2, 2021

Vice PM Dincu: We try to find understanding on unions’ behalf, if not, right to strike is constitutional

Vice Prime Minister Vasile Dincu, minister of Regional Development and Public Administration on Thursday said he wishes to find understanding from the trade unions in education, to find a way to gradually increase of salaries and to create equality in the system, but specified that if not, the right to go on strike and to protest is constitutional.”

“We try to find understanding from the unions, too, so as we advance in the years to come, until 2018-2019, to find a way to increase the salaries and especially to create equality in the system. If such an understanding is not met, the right to strike and protest is constitutional and I’d like to say that the unions, in a certain measure, the ones in education in particular, have the right to say that the educational staff was the last to resort to social protests in the last years, they had as arms only the pen, say they, and therefore they were left last, usually,” Dincu specified at a press conference on the occasion of a launching of a projects call POR 2.1.A – micro-companies, when being asked about the talks with the education unions.

He added that he has talked with the unionists about the possibility that the sum the Government has at its disposal to be shared through negotiation, but added that the Government could not negotiate sums it does not have in the state budget.

“We have also talked about the enforcement of this provision that we forwarded for the health system, at first, as regards the deadlines to enforce (the salary increase – author’s note) for education. We proposed at first 2017, when this uniformity would be enforced for education. (…) We could not do what usually happens in other cases, [to be] a government that knows that within months it will have to go approves all kinds of tasks for the government that is to come,” said Dincu


“I don’t think we’ll adopt pay ordinance Wednesday; union talks still underway”


Vasile Dincu pointed out he doesn’t believe an ordinance on public employees’ pay will be adopted at the Government meeting on Wednesday, because negotiations with the trade unions are still underway.

“I don’t know, I don’t think we’ll adopt it on Wednesday; it is too soon for that. There already is a draft of the ordinance that we are discussing with trade unions, talks are still on these days, therefore the draft isn’t final yet,” Dincu told Europa FM private radio broadcaster.

He added that this ordinance isn’t one definitively regulating the wage system for the administration, and that the Government is working on a uniform pay law.



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