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February 27, 2021

An entertaining dressage contest for the dog owners

Last week-end, the dog owners were invited to a non-standard original and entertaining contest.

The Dog Training School Pet Joy Sports held on Sunday a dressage contest dedicated to all the dog owners, regardless of the obedience level of the dog or the training level of the owner, in order to open the interests of the owners to educate their dogs and teach them to socialize in the proper manner, as well as to offer an alternative activity for the dog owners and their quadrupeds.

The event took place on the land of the training school Pet Joy Sports, being structured on 5 training tests, approached in a relaxed manner and in a friendly ambiance. Thus, each competitor had the chance to perform the exercises at the maximum potential of the dog, but relaxation and joy had priority, instead of competition.

Last two tests of the event were amusing, being focused on tricks (those spectacular exercises which are welcomed both by the owners and their dogs). Thus, the participants had the opportunity to impress the public and the jury with one of the surprises which were seriously prepared at home.

In the end, organizers have prepared a Dog Dancing show (dancing with the dog) and debates on the topics related to dog training, in order to reward all the participants to the event. On this occasion, they could also address questions to the trainers.

This is not the single event organized by the Dog Training School Pet Joy Sports, since one of the main goals of the team is promoting and performing canine sports well-known worldwide, but not so famous in our country, such as agility dog dancing, fly ball, obedience, cani cross and others.



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