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March 1, 2021

Elena Udrea: Through Bute Boxing Gala I wanted to become Romania’s President

Elena Udrea stated last Friday, at the High Court, that through the Bute Boxing Gala she wanted to be the best member of the Government, to become Romania’s President and to be the best politician. This was her sarcastic answer when a lawyer asked her whether she had a political goal when organising the event, news.ro informs.

Last Friday, Elena Udrea asked High Court judges to hear ex-premier Emil Boc and ex-justice minister Catalin Predoiu as witnesses in the “Bute Boxing Gala” case.

During the hearings on Friday, the defendants were asked what witnesses they want heard and what evidence they want to bring to their defence. Elena Udrea named, among others, Emil Boc, Catalin Predoiu and Dorin Cocos, Agerpres informs.

Likewise, she asked for a financial audit and for the Development Ministry to put at the court’s disposal all minister’s orders she had signed. Moreover, Elena Udrea asked the National Anticorruption Directorate to state what is the stage of the investigations in the cases disjoined from the “Bute Boxing Gala” case.

Subsequently, Elena Udrea posted on Facebook more details about her request for Emil Boc to be heard as witness. She pointed out that the request is not equivalent to a denunciation: “So, I just finished the statement in the case I have here at ICCJ [High Court], dubbed Bute Boxing Gala. Today I talked about the promotion of Romania’s tourism brand at this Gala. I will come back to this later with more details. For the time being I just want to point out that I had nothing to say about Mr. Boc, so I haven’t accused him of anything, let alone “denounced” him as some journalists seem to have understood,” Elena Udrea wrote.


Catalin Predoiu’s reaction


PNL’s Catalin Predoiu stated last Friday that he is not nervous about potentially being summoned as a witness in the Bute Boxing Gala case, as Elena Udrea asked at the High Court.

“It’s not the first time, it’s not my business, it’s the judges’, the prosecutors’ business. For the time being I’m busy with something else,” Catalin Predoiu stated for Agerpres.

The former Justice Minister pointed out that along with former Finance Minister Gheorghe Ialomiteanu he “set right” a Government decision proposed for adoption.

“The documents are at the Government, the meeting’s transcript is at the Government, all conditions in which the decision was adopted are known. I’ve explained it before. Ialomiteanu and I set right a decision proposed for adoption. This happens very frequently within the Government. These are two separate issues, the adoption of the Decision is one thing, its enforcement is another. I don’t know more. Any person summoned is obliged to show up before the judiciary, but I’m not nervous about this,” Predoiu added.

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