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March 5, 2021

Monument of souls ascending to Heaven, inaugurated in Bucharest * Sculptor Mihai Buculei appreciates that his work called “Wings” was “a very difficult work”

The monument called “Wings” located in Free Press Square, dedicated to the fighters of the anti-Communist resistance during 1945-1989 from Romania and Basarabia, was inaugurated on Monday, May 30, in the presence of the personalities from Romania and abroad.

The event is initiated by the Foundation for Democracy, whose president is Emil Constantinescu, in association with the Bucharest City Hall and with the State Secretariat for merits recognition of the fighters against the Communist regime established in Romania during 1945-1989.

“Wings” is a monument represented by three wings made of stainless steel. It has a weight of more than 100 tones and a height of over 20 meters.

Few days before the great inauguration, sculptor Mihai Buculei, the author of the monument called “Wings”, dedicated to the memory of the anti-Communist fighters, declared himself to be “thrilled and excited”.

“I am very excited that I finished my work. I saw it again today. I saw it yesterday also. It looks great, it fits perfect to the place. This green mound, with all this green space and all the vegetation around fits extremely well, and the plastic architecture, the ascending wings, released by the chute create a whole together with the buildings around. It’s a nice relationship for the viewer” stated the artist for Agerpres.

He mentioned that “Wings” was “a very difficult work”.

“There were many years of struggle. Not everybody supported me, but I am pleased that I have finished my work. I do thank also to those who were against me, because otherwise we wouldn’t have been so ambitious to finish it”, the artist confessed.

Buculei believes that his work has a “very powerful meaning”.

“It’s about a mound, a tomb out of which souls, which are symbolized by the wings, are soaring. It’s a similar mound to the pre-Christian ones, in which only our bodies remain, because, as the priest says, “we come from earth, we return to earth”, but actually this is only half of the truth, because the body comes from earth and it returns to earth, but souls ascend to Heaven” said the artist.

The wings represent “those unbound souls, which communists bounded for dozens of years” according to the sculptor whose father was a political prisoner at Aiud.

“Thousands of people were tormented in this country, and they were the flower of the country, called “kulaks”, intellectuals called “reactionaries”. All of our great dignitaries who built Great Romania were imprisoned during the communist years. Bearings, prisons, canals…” added the artist.

The initiative of building the monument called “Wings” belongs to the Association of the Former Detainees. The works for the project started in 2003, following a design contest organized by the Ministry of Culture. Building the monument lasted very long, especially because of the technical issues involved by a project of such a scale.


Iohannis: I am worried about investigation of communist crimes being stymied


President Klaus Iohannis on Monday voiced worries over what he said is investigation of communist crimes being stymied, calling on the decision makers to take the necessary measures.

“The past should be an alarm for today’s youth, while justice action is fundamental in this sense. I am worried about investigation of communist crimes being stymied after years of progress. Continuing the investigations should be a priority with the organisations entitled by law and the decision makers to take measures to unblock the situation,” said Iohannis at the the inauguration ceremony of the “Aripi” (Wings) monument in the Free Press Square of Bucharest City dedicated to the anti-communist resistance.


Former political prisoners, decorated by President Iohannis


President Klaus Iohannis on Monday signed a decree decorating former political prisoners.

The Presidential Administration says that in recognition of high moral conduct and dignity in fighting for democracy at the price of own freedom, for the courage to opposite the totalitarian communist regime, Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis has bestowed Faithful Service National Order in rank of Cavalier on Nicolae Tomaziu, Elena Ion-Arnautoiu, Nicolae Ciurica and Dumitru Moldovan.

The decree was signed as part of the inauguration on Monday in Bucharest of the “Aripi” (Wings) memorial dedicated to the fighters in the anti-communist resistance (1945 – 1989).

Invited to the unveiling and consecration of the monument were officials of the INTER-ASSO international association of former political prisoners from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Slovakia and Slovenia.



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