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October 22, 2021

Tariceanu: The superpower consisting of the “DNA-SRI binomial”, out of control

President of the Senate, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, stated that a major imbalance has been produced in Romania between the powers of the state, due to the birth if a new “superpower” consisting of the “DNA-SRI binomial”, for which the responsibility belongs to Traian Basescu.

The recent assertions of the former President Traian Basescu, according to which the intelligence services “can compromise you, they can help you to have a file, but they cannot have approaches in the Mafia style” confirm this situation, Tariceanu stated on Thursday at Craiova.

“I would like to underline the seriousness of these statements of the former President, because he knows what he is saying; because he ruled the prosecutors and the intelligence services for ten years.  If this is the rule of law he strengthened, allowing the ones he talks about to compromise you or to prepare criminal files to you, it’s obvious that I am right and things are serious when I say for so long that a superpower has born in Romania, consisting of the DNA-SRI binomial, which is out of any control of the society and making misuse of authority by the corruption which uncontrolled power offers to them. (…) We are in a moment in which the state powers’ balance is disordered. Right now we have a Parliament which is not capable to exercise its primary attribute, the one of creating debates, or the legislative one, or the one of a controlling body for various institutions. We have a component of the judiciary cooperating very well, in an extraordinary fraternity, with the intelligence services, as people working in intelligence confess. (…)This is the Putin pattern and we have, unfortunately, a President which is a spectator to this entire situation” stated the head of the Senate.

He stated that the responsibility for this situation belongs to the former President, Traian Basescu, which “wanted to have the control on some institutions of power who should serve his interests in strengthening his own political influence and his position of the main political arbitrator and decider”. Tariceanu also said that, subsequently, Basescu has lost the control of the situation.

“After Basescu has left the power, all these guys felt completely unbound, they didn’t have even a chief somewhere. Today, they are the ones that are taking also political decisions and started the hunting. Who makes the disturbance of the democracy taking place in the elections today?” added the President of the Senate.


 “I will fight against any attempt to impeach the President, as long as he is in accordance with the Constitution”


Tariceanu stated at Craiova, on Thursday, that he will fight against Klaus Iohannis’ impeachment from the position of the Romania’s President as long as he is in accordance with the fundamental law of the country.

“I’ve heard from Mrs. Gorghiu’s statement, about some intentions which never even came to my mind. I don’t have the smallest intention in this regard and I’ve never heard the other people she mentioned to have this kind of intention. I can tell you, from the position of the President of the Senate, that if, hypothetically, somebody would discuss about this possibility, I will fight against President’s impeachment. As long as President is in accordance with the Constitution and its provisions, I will fight against any attempt of suspension”, Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated.

He also said that PNL is trying to remove him from the position of President of the Senate, and that the President “is not a stranger to this situation”.

“PNL is asking me to resign because they are in a profound crisis which is noticeable in the polls. (…) This thing is part of a plan of removing me from the Senate’s presidency, and the President is not a stranger to this plan. (…) I am not making uncovered assertions, I know what I am saying”, added the head of the Senate.

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