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February 25, 2021

The need for the absurd

Nobody’s like us…

I hear almost every day people that I meet in the subway or at the market, at work or spending their free moments in a coffee-shop, in a restaurant or in a park, saying these words with an obvious tiredness and being totally disgusted.

I look at people and I see that, in their day-to-day life, almost all faces that I meet express a huge disappointment and (not for a few times) an almost inert perplexity, doesn’t matter where they are and what business has each of them to do.

The Romanian people are saaturated and bored by the absurdity of what’s happening everywhere in their country. It’s an absurdity which none of us believe that has a cure anymore, although all of us are struggling as much as we can, each of us in his own extent, to make it be at least more easy to be handled, if we cannot make it disappear for good.

And I am not talking about accidental things which we have to deal in our lives, because these are the picturesque things, adding a little bit of salt and piper to the ordinary daily program.

I am talking about that absurd which makes you think that something goes completely and profoundly wrong in this country in which all of us leave and from which we are waiting for so long to provide us with a miracle.

We are waiting for a miracle that fails to appear, being permanently delayed by a hope which is also dying.

Almost everything happening to you or around you in Romania in the last period of time, has overcame since a long time ago any idea of hilarity or cynicism touched by good-will.

Everything seems to be taken from a grotesque movie in which the absurd goes much beyond the necessity of accepting with patience and hope that, maybe, in some day, who knows when and how, that miracle will happen, and we will wake up in some morning opening our eyes in a different kind of country.

We will wake up in a country where the sun shines friendly, the air is clean and breathable, the tap water flows clear and prompt, our street is clean and quiet, our neighbors are kind and cheerful, our children are playing safely in front of the building or in park, the road to your office is smooth and neat like a vellum piece of paper, the traffic is relaxed and calm, parking places are everywhere and easy to reach, the policeman in the crossroad friendly says “Hi!” to you, the saleswoman at the store offers herself to help an old woman to upload her shopping, everything glitters cleaning in the neighborhoods and in the public places in which you meet a lot of green and flowers, a country where your salary is in accordance with the modern European standards, etc., etc.

And at last!!!

Politicians are people like you, carefully listening to what needs you and your family have, hardly struggling to fulfill these needs, as they have promised in the electoral campaigns, as it is natural for a person representing so many people who vote for somebody to represent their interests not only by words, but especially by actions.

Yet… nobody’s like us…

Every morning, each of us wakes up exactly in the same nightmare lasting for more than 26 years.

The electoral campaigns represent in Romania the complete mirror of this absurdity experienced by each of us daily.

In each electoral campaign of the last 27 years, same things have been told, promised and indicated by each person passing on the time’s abacus and on the lists of the candidates for town halls, local councils, seats of parliamentarians or for the great and almighty seat at Cotroceni.

Each candidate has identified, at his time and in that moment, the plenty of problems which Romanian people and Romania had to deal with, arguing each time that the political organization behind him (anyway, these organizations are the same for 27 years!) is the only one able to successfully solve, without any hesitation and immediately, through the abovementioned candidate, all the inconvenient and all the discomfort which were created during the previous mandates.

But these mandates belonged, most of the times, to the same political family. Or even they belonged, most of the times to the same candidate for the next mandate, namely to the one that now is shouting as hard as he can how catastrophic things were managed and how many unimaginable problems were caused to the citizens of the town or of the country by his predecessors and political opponents (just like that!).

In every campaign program which all of us heard in the last decades, either we wanted to or not, there have been inevitably and apocalyptically invoked the same checkmarks of the more and more extended disasters faced by any part of the country, from the Capital to its last forgotten corner.

These things invariably made me ask myself, then and now, in this campaign:

Ok. But who, WHO made this country look so bad?

To whom belongs the tragic “performance” to make Romania have, in only 27 years:

A road infrastructure almost inexistent, while the existent one, undersized and outdated for a country of the 21st century and which belongs to the modern Europe. It’s a disaster in the straightest meaning of the word.

A water system and a sewerage which are archaic, both in Bucharest and especially in the other towns, municipalities and villages where, in the middle of the century of technology and modernization, the toilet from the back yard and the groove in front of the gate are the only sewerage modalities that we know about.

A Capital which is suffocated by an oversized traffic, by garbage, by stray dogs, pollution, agglomeration and dirty public transportation means, crowded by completely aberrant buildings rising up like mushrooms, almost overnight.

A city (or cities) where the simple action of walking on the street involves a major risk of an accident and many other bad things caused by the eternal holes in the road, or by the buildings left in disrepair, whose walls are ready to fall in your head at any street corner.

A Bucharest where going out in a park or on a terrace to drink a juice and a coffee costs you more than in other place in Europe, where you have to pay absurd amounts of money for a food and drink which you don’t know if they are from this century or if they don’t have the germ of who knows what kind of a killer bacteria, where elitism is similar to the dilettante circus held in a fairground which you can see everywhere and which most often is called “show provided by the municipality”.

A country where leaving your child at school implies to create a real mess in the traffic, because (isn’t it?) children must be brought to school near your home by car and not by walking, because Daddy and Mommy have learned that being rich and important means to move even one meter by using your personal car.

A country where installing and uninstalling curbs, fillings in the asphalt, or mounting completely useless pergolas in the street, planting pansies in the blizzard or watering bushes and trees in the full winter, where stray dogs and rats walking between the legs of the people, strange statues and streets watches of million Euros, bike routes 1 meter wide, designed in right angles near the single lane in one sense dedicated to the cars which are honking as out of their minds, where prostitution and pimping are performed everywhere and many, too many “benefits and conquests of the post-December democracy” represent real Romanian labels for those who live here, but most of all for those who come here and wish to understand Romania.

A country where an old man seats at almost any street corner with an outstretched hand after he worked all his life.

A country where children are abused together with their mothers or even by them, or by their families and by their institutors.

A country where most of the times making a visit to the hospital is similar to the last trip (unfortunately), or to a total humiliation and helplessness from your side as a patient, but also from the side of the medical personnel which is poorly paid, reaching to feel hunted and destroyed by scandals in press which are caused by the stupid things made b politicians and their good friends in stealing. And the consequences are suffered by the ones trying with unimaginable efforts to help as much as they can thousands of patients coming to the emergency rooms or to the wards or surgical rooms of those hospitals which are real time bombs for the people’s health and life, but not because of the doctors, nurses or orderlies.

A country where being cool means to spend every last money on expensive cars, designer clothes or exotic trips where from you can post on Facebook (the only place which is really making you exist) your image of a rich and happy man – a luxury for which you have to lie, steal and cheat, most of the time, doesn’t matter whom, yet especially the Romanian state.

A country where things that are promoted are not its values and traditions, not people that are thinking and acting naturally, modestly and wisely, but those who steal better and they are proud of it, becoming famous businessmen and politicians, real Mafia groups which send their candidates in the electoral campaigns to promise that all the inconvenient that are created by the enemies of the countries (who are these enemies, anyway?) will be removed in the next four years. And then another four years, followed by other four years…

A country where criminal file and conviction replace honesty and reputation and represent the best recommendation towards the voting people.

A country where all of us seem to have contracted a mysterious disease called “scenario dependence”, which decimate our mind and existence with staggering things about executions in Mafia style and suicides, occult networks specialized in the most stunning and incredible methods and modalities of intercession and money laundry, performed at the highest state levels, experimental genocides performed in an indifferent manner against Romanian people through the disinfectants, through food, air, water, etc.

A country where, regardless of what you do, you reach the same place from where you left and the same people who lead and will lead this country.

And it doesn’t matter if you will elect them or not, or if you had enough of all this absurd Sisyphus work.

A country where absurd has become a necessity in the absence of which we wouldn’t know how to exist and wouldn’t be able to be us, Romanians, those who are always dreaming to the day when that miracle will happen and our country will get out of the absurd and will enter in certain normality.

But here comes another moment when the absurd, with all of its promises and people forming it, will force us to choose between one of its necessities and another.

Like I said…

Nobody’s like us.

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