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December 6, 2021

Valeriu Zgonea wants parliamentary commission for “country plan” and “anticorruption strategy”

Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea proposed on Saturday the setting up of a new parliamentary commission that would discuss the country plan and a series of other strategies, stating that he had sent a letter to the leaders of the political groups and the presidents of parliamentary parties.

“I’ve sent an open letter to the leaders of parliamentary political groups and the presidents of parliamentary parties, with a proposal to form a new joint commission in which we would discuss a country plan and a strategy,” Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea stated. On Saturday, Zgonea was at the Lower Chamber where he took part in an event in which high school students were invited within the Parliament’ plenum to simulate a parliamentary debate.

Valeriu Zgonea stated that political leaders need a clearly outlined framework in which to discuss the national anticorruption strategy and other strategies.

“We have to have a clearly outlined framework in which party presidents and leaders of parliamentary groups would meet and debate the national anticorruption strategy, the national strategy for sustainable development, a country project, the implementation of certain action plans, the national reform plan, the national competitiveness plan, convergence. Maybe many of the politicians do not know them, but the Government approves them. We have to learn to collaborate with the Government and the Presidency and the other state institutions. It is a change of tack, we should stake on the principle we see in strong parliaments in the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway,” Zgonea said in Parliament.

The Commission would be set to work until 2020.

“I believe the leaders of parliamentary groups as well as the party presidents who expressed this point of view very many times in recent years will understand. It’s a joint commission that would last until 2020. I have sent it [the letter] to the Joint Standing Bureaus, I’ve explained the reasons, I’ve drafted this joint commission’s regulations. I’ve discussed it with each political leader in the talks we’ve had in recent years and they all said that we need to meet in order to discuss Romania’s real problems,” the Lower Chamber Speaker pointed out.

The Commission should be formed by the Speakers of the two Chambers, the leaders of parliamentary political groups and party presidents.

“I’ve proposed that this commission should be chaired by each parliamentary group for one sitting, in rotation. (…) Romania needs this project now. I’ve been working on it with my team of aides for almost the past year. I’ve discussed with each parliamentary group leader and party president and each of them told me there is the need for such a project,” Valeriu Zgonea added.

PSD leaders have announced that they will resume their procedure to dismiss Lower Chamber Speaker Valeriu Zgonea after the local elections scheduled on June 5, PSD President Liviu Dragnea’s latest statement on this topic presenting June 7 as the most likely date.

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