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October 26, 2020

French ambassador awards prizes to Euro 2016 videogames contest

French Ambassador to Romania Francois Saint-Paul awarded on Monday the prizes of the Euro 2016 videogame contest, in an event hosted by the French Cultural Institute of Bucharest.

“Technology is clearly pervasive nowadays in sports, especially in soccer,” said the diplomat, referring to special guests David Dufresne and Anita Hugi, authors of game platforms inspired by sports. “It was in this sports and innovation spirit that the 2016 videogames tournament was held,” Saint-Paul declared.

The winners of the 9-13 May competition were three Romanians, who contended with fellow nationals and French gamers. The first prize was a travel to France for the UEFA European Championship.

Dufresne and Hugi then explained the way of promoting sports with all its issues and attractions on increasingly creative online platforms. For instance, horsjeu.football includes testimonials of professional soccer businesspersons, each illustrated by a book inspired by the classic albums of player pictures, with exchanges possible between users just like for old-time stickers. These inside stories were accessed on the platform more than 330,000 times. It took two years of work in times of “world soccer crisis,” Dufresne said.

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