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June 28, 2022

PSD’s Bucharest City Hall candidate refuses to take part in final televised debate

After failing to take part in most election debates organised by television channels and various forums, Gabriela Firea, PSD’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, also skipped the final live debate that took place on Monday evening on Romania TV.

Firea explained in a press release that she took the decision because her contenders resorted to political attacks.

“I took part in almost all televised debates that dealt with the problems of Bucharesters, debates that have so far taken place in the elections campaign. I accepted to enter a confrontation with all candidates, regardless of the television channel that invited me. In recent days however, I noticed that some of my contenders have run out of ideas and have resorted to political and personal attacks,” Gabriela Firea shows.

PSD’s Bucharest City Hall candidate explained that she expects continued attacks from her contenders.

“With their attitude and actions they have significantly lowered the level of the debate, trying to hijack it from its main theme: solving Bucharesters’ problems. I’m expecting these attacks against me and my family to continue and to even grow in intensity. Consequently, I’ve taken the decision not to take part in the electoral debate organised on RTV this evening. Ever since the start of the campaign, I’ve adopted a positive attitude, presenting my solutions for Bucharest and Bucharesters. I did not go into political debates unrelated to the Capital’s interests, nor did I throw mud at my contenders. I believe this should be the attitude of a person that wants to become Mayor of Bucharest. I’m convinced Bucharesters are waiting for solutions, not for mudslinging. My campaign continues as before. In the following days, I will meet Bucharesters and I will continue to present them my solutions,” the PSD Senator added.

PMP candidate Robert Turcescu compared the PSD candidate to ex-premier Adrian Nastase, who used to avid debates.

“Well, if she’s running away from a debate, imagine how she would behave as Mayor during an emergency situation?! Wake up, Bucharesters! Don’t lose your composure,” Turcescu said.

Gabriela Firea also skipped the electoral debate organised by TVR on Sunday evening. Firea has so far taken part in a debate organised by Digi24, alongside Robert Turcescu and Nicusor Dan, and one organised by Antena 3, alongside Nicusor Dan, Catalin Predoiu and Daniel Barbu.


Predoiu: Nicusor Dan’s openness gladdens me. Today we took another step, Firea won’t be mayor


Catalin Predoiu, National Liberal Party’s (PNL) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, stated on Sunday for TVR that he is gladdened by Nicusor Dan’s openness, stating that “another step has been taken” to defeat Gabriela Firea in the race for the Bucharest City Hall.

“I can only be glad, it’s an important openness in contrast to recent days. It’s true, almost a week ago I proposed that the centre-right candidate with the best score in the polls should be endorsed by all the others. I didn’t ask for the vote of any contender, I am asking for the Bucharesters’ vote, but I’m gladdened that there is openness toward this direction and the efforts of recent days have paid off,” PNL’s Catalin Predoiu stated.

Catalin Predoiu stated that Nicusor Dan accepting the carrying out of an opinion poll represents another step toward defeating Gabriela Firea.

“People are starting to see that what I stated several days ago at the GDS is taking shape. Gabriela Firea will not be Bucharest Mayor. Today another step has been taken in this direction,” Predoiu added, pointing out he did not want to exclude anyone from his proposal but simply talked to those present in the television studio.


Nicusor Dan: I’m not bowing out but I accept an opinion poll in order for Bucharesters to vote in informed manner


Nicusor Dan, Save Bucharest Union’s (USB) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, stated on Sunday on TVR that he will not withdraw from the electoral race and will not tell Bucharesters to vote for Catalin Predoiu, nevertheless adding that he will accept Predoiu’s proposal to carry out an opinion poll.

“My voters are people fed up with the corruption and generalised theft within the Bucharest City Hall, corruption and theft that are taking place under the patronage of PSD and PNL. On their behalf, I’m stating that I will not bow out of this campaign and I will under no circumstances ask Bucharesters to vote for Mr. Predoiu. I’ve been in this fight for 10 years, not three weeks, and I will continue to be until Bucharest has the administration it deserves,” USB’s candidate stated at an elections debate on TVR.

Nicusor Dan stated he accepts Catalin Predoiu’s proposal to carry out an opinion poll, in order for Bucharesters to vote in an informed manner.

“I’m nevertheless responsible for a group of Bucharesters who do not want PSD, the most corrupt party in Romania, winning the elections, and from this point of view I accept Mr. Predoiu’s challenge and I’m ready for a large international polling institute to carry out an opinion poll supervised by USB and PNL, so that Bucharesters would vote in an informed manner, knowing who has higher chances of defeating Ms. Firea,” Nicusor Dan stated.


With Gabriela Firea in pole position a few days before the elections, Catalin Predoiu on Monday gave an ultimatum to Nicusor Dan until the same evening, 21:00 hrs to say whether he would withdraw from the campaign in favor of the best placed candidate in the polls, saying that discussions could begin after Nicusor Dan will accept the Liberals’offer .


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