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November 25, 2022

Calin Popescu Tariceanu: Elections campaign is magnificent, adorable, but completely absent

Referring to the local elections campaign, ALDE Co-President Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated at a press conference in Brasov on Monday that it “is completely absent” and that the Electoral Law should be amended.

“The elections campaign is magnificent, adorable, but completely absent. I’m not talking about the campaign in Brasov, I’m talking about what is happening throughout the country. (…) Here I have to underscore the shortcomings and malfunctions of the law. If the law sought to curtail, with good intentions, the use of dirty money for campaign contributions during the elections campaign, this is praiseworthy. It’s just that the law features a series of excessive measures that mean this campaign is unable to accomplish one of the natural objectives of any elections campaign, namely to create notoriety – first of all for the elections, for the candidates –, to give the candidates and parties the possibility of presenting their messages to the electorate. This is a major deficiency that risks leading to weak voter turnout, to the participation of insufficiently informed voters, something that creates a huge democratic deficit. I suspect there will be low voter turnout, and we have to take a realistic look and amend the law,” Tariceanu said.

The ALDE Co-President emphasised that the party’s entire leadership is paying “great attention” to its Brasov branch, as a sign of appreciation for its actions and for the results it expects from it.

“I think it is our duty to place an emphasis on counties in Transylvania, also because over here the citizens have had, historically speaking, after 1990, a far greater openness toward the values that the Liberals promoted in Romania. Since PNL has abandoned the Liberal family, the duty, I would say the beautiful duty, falls onto us to continue the tradition inaugurated by PNL, by promoting Western values based on citizens’ rights and freedoms. I am proud that we remain anchored to these principles,” the ALDE Co-President stated.

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