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June 1st, Children’s Day: State officials vie to show that children are important

Every year, June 1st is dedicated to children the world over, thus being a special day for every child in the world, and many institutions are celebrating it in various ways, in Romania and other countries alike.

On Wednesday, children were the protagonists of the day and Romanian officials put them at the centre of their agendas, regardless of how busy the latter were. Thus, Romanian officials made time to congratulate children, to invite them at their offices, to shower them with attention on this special day, thus showing that children are important.

Children’s Day was first mentioned in Geneva, in August 1925. Back then, at the Child Protection and Welfare World Conference, 54 states from all over the world adopted the Child Protection Declaration. Many governments introduced Children’s Day after that event.


200 children were invited to the Cotroceni Presidential Palace. Iohannis: All children are entitled to equal opportunities to make their dreams come true


All children are entitled to equal opportunities to make their dreams come true, President Klaus Iohannis said Wednesday to more than 200 children, mostly from care homes, disadvantaged communities and families as well as children with special educational needs who were invited to the Cotroceni Presidential Palace on June 1, the International Children’s Day.

“The ‘Educated Romania’ project for the future of education started with you in mind. It is important for us, the adults, to never forget that you, dear children are the future. All children are entitled to equal opportunities to make their dreams come true. In life, you should enjoy every single opportunity and learn that any barrier can be overcome,” Iohannis is quoted as telling the children in a press statement.

A company of the Ion Creanga Theatre House staged a show and animated the event hosted by the Cotroceni Palace.

Facilitating the children’s attendance of the event were the National Children Rights and Adoption Authority, the Touched Romania Association, the European Centre for the Rights of Disabled Children and Alternative Education, as well as the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities.


PM Ciolos on Children’s Day: Children are our only hope for a better future


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos says in a message on Children’s Day that the society has a determining role in the formation of tomorrow’s generations, and mentions that he wishes to lay a solid ground for certain essential aspects, among which equal opportunities for all children irrespective of their backgrounds.

“We celebrate today, on the first summer day, the children of Romania and of the whole world. It’s only through them that we can hope for a better future. Besides the family’s irreplaceable love and comfort, the society has its decisive role in the formation of tomorrow’s generations: therefore, we have the duty to grant them a better present,” the Government quotes Ciolos in a release to Agerpres.

The premier added that he wants to establish sound bases for performance in education and equal opportunities for all children.

“I wish Romania to become a country where raising a child means for the parents a preoccupation to help them find the proper way in life and put into value their skills, and not the worry for tomorrow, as it is unfortunately happening for some parents,” declared Ciolos.


Ministry of Interior holds “Open Doors” event for Children’s Day


Children of all ages could admire on June 1, during the “Open Doors” event at the Ministry of the Interior (MAI), helicopters, the police cars, speed boats of the Border Police, but also rescue dogs and equipment.

In the morning, in the parking lot of the MAI seat, children crowded to take pictures of and enter two helicopters, one of SMURD and the other belonging to the Inspectorate General of Aviation.

One attraction was the Border Police speed boat on rivers and on the Danube. The Border Police stand was equipped with diving equipment, bulletproof vests, binoculars, rubber batons, metallic handcuffs and forensic kits.

At the stand of the Special Actions and Interventions Service, children were interested whether the weapons displayed were used in any mission.

Police presented for the first time the mobile unit for disaster victim identification, made up of an off-road vehicle that works like a real forensic factory on wheels.

Children also attended a training exercise of the Romanian Police dogs and martial arts demonstrations.

The highlight of the event was the climbing on the MAI building by mountain gendarmes, and during the entire event the music was provided by the Gendarmerie’s marching band that in the end sang to children “Many Happy Returns.”

“It is an important day for children, it is a MAI tradition to organize the ‘Open Doors’ event, it is an opportunity for us to present the activity of all branches, it is an opportunity to submit the anonymous people behind many activities that are found in the public order and safety in Romania. It is a way to celebrate Children’s Day and, why not, also a way to present our offer because these children I believe will be future candidates to police schools,” said Interior Minister Petre Toba, who hosted the event.


MApN: Presents for children of servicemen killed or injured in theatres of operations


The children of the servicemen who were killed or injured in the theatres of operations and in domestic military actions received presents at a ceremony organised at the National Military Centre Palace, the National Defence Ministry (MApN) informs.

According to a release, the little ones also attended an artistic performance of MApN’s Representative Band.

“In the afternoon, the approximately 130 children participated in entertaining activities in the Children’s City of the Youth Park,” the MApN shows.

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