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March 5, 2021

Justice Minister Raluca Pruna: Today, the arrests in Romania are not like the ones in 2004

In 2004, when Adrian Nastase was Prime-Minster and Ion Iliescu was President, preventive detentions and arrests in criminal files were based on political command. That’s what Minister of Justice asserts. Raluca Pruna says that she knows this from the “reports”, but she states that such political commands are not possible anymore today.

Being asked within a TV show if the detention and arrest of the Hexi Pharma General Manager, Flori Dinu, had any connection with the CSAT meeting since last week, in which the diluted disinfectants were subject of discussion, Minister of Justice denied this.

“Definitely not. I fully reject it. If somebody can imagine that in Romania of today we can have such detention measures (…) based on political command, I don’t have any hesitation to say: we are not in Romania of the year 2004” stated Raluca Pruna, quoted by Agerpres.

Asked if such things were happening in 2004, Minister of Justice said yes, they were, mentioning that the “reports” indicate this fact.


Denunciations are encouraged, but it’s not enough


Minister of Justice, Raluca Pruna, said that denunciations are encouraged in Romania, but she added that a simple denunciation is not enough for a prosecutor, since it has to be correlated to other evidences.

“My answer is the answer provided by the new Criminal Procedure Code that I didn’t propose it, to which I didn’t work (…). Indeed, denunciations are encouraged, since you can cause the decrease of your punishment in the extent in which you cooperate within the inquiry” said Pruna, being quoted by Agerpres.

In this context, the Minister of Justice mentioned that a simple denunciation is not enough for a prosecutor, because it has to be proved.

“I believe that a simple denunciation is not enough (…) for a prosecutor; it must be proved and correlated to other evidences. (…) I would suggest everybody to be less passionate and to think that we have all the guarantees in an EU Member State which is Romania – and I insist, it’s a democracy, and not a police state, because otherwise we wouldn’t be EU members”, added Raluca Pruna.

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