Ponta: The Government must be sanctioned by a motion of no confidence, right after June 15

Former PM Victor Ponta asserts that the Government is responsible by the “administrative disaster” caused by the interruption of the Electronic System for Public Procurements (SEAP), and it should be sanctioned by the Parliament through a motion of no confidence and through a special court of inquiry.

“The administrative disaster caused by the interruption of the Electronic System for Public Procurements (SEAP), due to the exclusive reason of the technocrat Government’s incompetence is, under my opinion, the most solid and correct argument for submitting a motion of no confidence right after June 15! Blocking a whole country because of the obvious incompetence and negligence represents such a serious situation, that Parliament must sanction it (through a motion of no confidence, as well as through establishing a special Court of inquiry)!”, former Prime-Minister wrote on Monday on his Facebook page.

Ponta also claims that the European Directives regarding the public procurements were transposed in 2015 by his Government, which sent to the Parliament the legislative bundle on this matter, in October.

“It was absolutely natural for the Government to exercise his right and obligation during the debates, in order to prepare all the subsequent regulations related to the implementing rules and procedures! Yet, surprise – when the laws have been adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and published in the Official Gazette, we found out that the Government simply did nothing. Thus, the Electronic System for Public Procurements was suspended because of the lack of implementing rules”, added Ponta.

The PSD deputy also states that suspending the system means that all the public institutions in Romania (namely schools, hospitals, town halls, other local authorities, nursing homes, firemen, CNADNR, etc.), as well as those who probably wanted to run financing programs with European funds. Have two options, and both of these options may cause accusations of abuse of office: 1. They do not procure anything until June 15, closing all these institutions – which clearly represents the crime of abuse of office; 2. They perform procurements by direct assignment, without using SEAP – therefore, they are liable of abuse of office again.

PSD President Liviu Dragnea recently stated that it is possible that after the local elections discussions will take place on initiating a motion of no confidence.

President Klaus Iohannis has qualified the motion of no confidence which would be submitted at this moment, as a “politicizing action”, saying that the Government shouldn’t be afraid.

However, the social-democrat leader, Liviu Dragnea, stated on Monday evening that his party didn’t take a decision in this matter.

Moreover, PSD President drew the attention on the fact that any suggestion about the person who could be Prime-Minister, coming from the current majority, could be rejected by the President Klaus Iohannis.

PSD President, Liviu Dragnea: “We can submit the motion and the Government can be resigned, but things will be complicated further, because we have to go to Cotroceni, to Mr. President Klaus Iohannis again. We have no guarantee that he will nominate a Prime-Minister coming from the ones that we will suggest, so we can have again Ciolos or other technocrat as Prime-Minister. We have to see if the continuation of the current Government can cause major risks for the national security. If they do not reach that level, maybe we will keep them for a while.”


Disclosures about a conversation with Iohannis dated January, 2015


Former PM Victor Ponta reasserted on Monday that the head of state, Klaus Iohannis, used “innocent dead people for installing his Government”. He added that President will continue to fall in the polls, because of the “poor” activity of the Executive.

The only moment over which I couldn’t pass was the moment when Mr. Iohannis used innocent dead people, people who died innocent, in order to install his Government. I am sure he will pay this at a time. To use the death of some people for an official position… There’s no position for which somebody should use the death of some people. Mr. Iohannis, is free during the weekend, is the most favored budgetary employee, having the highest salary and the shortest working time, but on that Saturday and on that Sunday, he worked against the Government” said Ponta, quoted by Agerpres.

He related a conversation he had with President Iohannis, to whom he said that during his Prime-Minister mandate “the governance is ensured”. “In January, 2015, on the occasion of the first meeting with Mr. Iohannis, I said to him exactly these words: ‘Mr. President, I’ve participated, I’ve competed, and you’ve won. I am not jealous, and I don’t have anything for which I should be sorry. As long as I will be Prime-Minister, you will also be good, the governance of the country is ensured, so if something happens, you can blame me. You will see what means not to have me as the Prime-Minister.’

Mr. Iohannis had 60 percent of the population trusting him last year in November; now he has 30 percent and I think he will stop around 10 percent. That’s what he deserves because he didn’t want to listen to me”, Victor Ponta said.


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