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March 4, 2021

Luca Gentile, Director of Bucharest office of the Italian Trade Agency (ICE): “Italy’s important institutional anniversary coincides this year with another anniversary: 90 years of ICE”

The anniversary of the proclamation of the Italian Republic gives me once again the opportunity to address the business community of this country.

I am very pleased to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Republic in Romania. This time of the year, we are involved in the organization of the eighth edition of the Italian Festival, a review of commercial and promotional events offering the best of Made in Italy.

Italy’s important institutional anniversary coincides this year with another anniversary: ​​90 years of ICE. When ICE was born, almost a century ago, it had only one purpose: to support the export of fruits and vegetables. Today, we cover many areas, from traditional manufacturing to informational technology and the attraction of foreign investments. The fact that after nearly a century, we are still here confirms the constant utility over time of the services we offered to the companies, the contribution to the export processes and to the progressive integration of entrepreneurship in the international scenario.

In Romania, ICE Agency has been carrying the activity of support, promotion, information and training for over 47 years, credited as the Trade Promotion Section of the Italian Embassy in Bucharest. The office is also in charge with supporting the market of the Republic of Moldova.

Our first entrepreneurs arrived in Romania in the 90s’, making this country one of the first laboratories of internationalization for Italian companies. And these companies that, before the outbreak of the financial and economic crisis have articulated their presence on several markets, have best been able to face the difficulties of last years. These companies have placed their trust in Romania and, on the other hand, Romania gave them confidence. This is how the two countries have become strategic partners. Italian companies are characterized by a quality that is unrivaled, investing in research, development and technology. Their professionalism and experience are highly valued by many Romanian friends.

Italy confirms itself as a main partner, the second commercial partner, both as client and supplier, and the first for the number of registered enterprises. The trade volume between our countries has reached in 2015 a record-high of 13.64 billion euros and an increase of 8.55% compared to 2014.

Through the many activities carried out these years, we encouraged the presence of the Italian companies in various sectors.

We responded, one by one, to numerous requests for assistance and organized business missions, promotional events, seminars and workshops that allowed companies to have business contacts follow-ups with local partners.

As an entity responsible for promoting the commercial trade and the image of the Made in Italy we will continue monitoring the potential business chances that this market offers. In collaboration with the Italian Embassy and with the other institutions and business organizations in Romania, despite the dominant share that Italy holds on this market, we keep in mind that there is still much that can be done in the common interest of our countries.




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