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March 5, 2021

Marian Munteanu says will form party

Marian Munteanu stated on Tuesday that a nucleus has formed within the ‘Our Alliance’ civic alliance for the establishment of a political party that would propose solutions agreed “by very large social strata profoundly dissatisfied with Romanian politics.”

“A nucleus has formed within Our Alliance, for the emergence of a political party whose goal would be to propose those solutions agreed and desired by the sympathisers of Our Alliance, solutions awaited by very large strata of Romanian society profoundly dissatisfied with Romanian politics, with the way Romania is being managed, with the amount of lies, misinformation and hypocrisy that has overwhelmed us from all quarters, and I believe these things have been seen in abundance lately,” Munteanu stated on Realitatea TV.

Marian Munteanu, former leader of the students protesting in University Square, has returned to the limelight as a result of PNL’s decision to nominate him as the party’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, in response to the crisis generated by the withdrawal of two previous Liberal candidates – Cristian Busoi and Ludovic Orban.

PNL’s third candidate however did not withstand the wave of criticism levied against him, very many voices from civil society, social media and NGOs accusing him of “harbouring sympathy for fascist currents, sympathy he never recanted.”  Faced with public pressure, PNL decided, on April 20, to replace Munteanu with PNL Bucharest President Catalin Predoiu.

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