U.S. Ambassador to Romania: “I encourage Romanians not to vote candidates accused of corruption”

The U.S. Ambassador to Romania has encouraged Romanians not to vote for “candidates who have been accused of corruption.” In an interview for constantanoastra.ro, Hans Klemm emphasised that this elections campaign is very important for Romania’s future and pointed out that, by voting for upright candidates, voters now have the chance to continue the reforms started.

The U.S. Ambassador to Romania pointed out that this elections campaign is very important for Romania’s future and encouraged all eligible Romanians to exercise their voting rights.

“The campaign comes after the events of October-November 2015, after the tragedy in Bucharest, followed by the fall of the Ponta Government and the appointment of the Ciolos Government. Moreover, and maybe I’m over-analysing the demonstrations in Bucharest and other large cities in Romania, I felt that they are both an expression of the frustration with the direction in which Romanian politics is currently heading, and an expression of the hope that Romanian politics will change.”

“Some of the main parties have undertaken or have declared that they plan to undertake internal reform measures, and now Romanian voters have the chance to carry forward this atmosphere by electing upright politicians who are focusing on Romania’s well-being. All elections are important, however these in particular are full of meaning for Romania and I encourage all voters to cast ballots,” Hans Klemm said.

Likewise, Klemm said that there are corrupt politicians in the United States too, and some have even been convicted for corruption. Still, political parties avoid being associated with a person accused of corruption.

“I encourage the political parties to select candidates who are not accused of corruption and, likewise, I encourage Romanians not to vote for candidates who have been accused of corruption. But, as you’ve said, the presumption of innocence unless guilt is proven exists in the U.S. too. Political corruption exists in the United States too, very many politicians have been found guilty of corruption in recent months alone. There were also members of Congress who were found guilty of corruption. These are problems that any country in the world faces. In the U.S., until proven guilty there is no interdiction from running for office, but political parties avoid any association with someone who is accused of corruption,” the U.S. Ambassador to Romania said.


Russia hasn’t become a threat for Romania


U.S. Ambassador to Romania Hans Klemm stated on Tuesday that Russia has not become a threat for Romania after the anti-ballistic missile shield was switched on in Deveselu, because the Russians know the shield is not a threat to them.

The U.S. Ambassador was present at the ‘Ovidiu’ University of Constanta on Tuesday, where he gave a speech on bilateral relations between the U.S. and Romania and the priorities of his tenure. The speech was followed by an open dialogue with professors and students, the Mediafax correspondent informs.

Asked by a student whether Russia has become a threat for Romania, following the switching on of the missile shield in Deveselu, the U.S. Ambassador answered negatively.

“The answer to this question is ‘no.’ Russia knows this, but it keeps saying silly things. The missile shield in Deveselu is a major U.S. and Romanian investment, in order to protect the NATO Alliance in the whole region, an investment Romania should be proud of. At any rate, it does not represent any threat to Russia. The shield protects against missile threats that could come from outside the European space, from Iran for example, but from other Middle Eastern states too. Russia knows this, we’ve said it a thousand times, and it’s disappointing to see how Russia’s comments claim the contrary,” Hans Klemm stated.



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