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October 5, 2022

A tour of Tip Top Factory, by the courtesy of Mrs. Emel Sinjari

emel sinjariOn Tuesday, May 31, Iraqi Ambassador’s at Bucharest wife, Mrs. Emel Sinjari, invited the Ladies of SPOHOM to take a tour of Tip Top Factory, followed by a tasting of products. Mr. Basim Bakhaya, Tip Top President and CEO, accompanied Mrs Sinjari during the entire event. The event was extremely successful, benefiting by the presence of many ladies, wives of diplomats accredited to Bucharest, some of them being accompanied by their children.

I was very impressed by the factory led by Mr. Bakhaya. The Romanian company Tip Top Food Industry operates since 1993until today, with no interruptions. The current factory, located at Timisoara Blvd, in Bucharest, was open in 2008, with an investment of around EUR 17 million. Having an area of around 12,000 sq. m., it’s one of the largest factories in Europe. It is divided in several modern departments, where the most used word is “cleanliness”: Department of Pastry, Confectionery, Fresh Produce, Frozen Products, Catering, etc. Tip Top is always concerned about the quality and freshness of the products they offer to the clients.

Today, Tip Top has its own network of 27 stores in Bucharest, as well in Pitesti, Mioveni and Ploiesti, aiming to extend further. Company’s products are available also in several hypermarkets in the country and abroad, in the districts of frozen products and in the appetizers, salads, snacks and sandwiches section.tip top2

Overall, the company offers over 150 varieties of pastry and confectionery. Basim Bakhaya said that the turnover increased 45 percent in 2015 from the previous year to over EUR 10 million, and voiced hopes that it will reach EUR 12 million in 2016, according to Agerpres.

Mrs. Emel Sinjari, herself a chef, confessed to appreciating good food.  She also wrote a book:  “The Kurdish Cookbook”, for which she spent more than 5 years by gathering over 442 specific recipes.

“I’m honored to be able to print and publish my book in Kurdistan and all over the world in three languages, English, Kurdish and Arabic, I got all the right recipes and cooked them and then I photographed all of them, in order to put standards on Kurdish recipes from breakfast to dinner meals”, stated Emel Sinjari for Erbil Lifestyle.




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