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February 24, 2021

Liviu Dragnea about a possible censure motion: It’s the last option, but we’ll not hesitate

Social-Democrat Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea stated on Wednesday, at Galati, that a censure motion against Ciolos Government is not an option to be totally ignored, but it’s the last option, so the opportunity to submit such a motion must be carefully analyzed.

“On the one hand, the censure motion already became a rightful discussion, because more and more people in the country wish this Government to leave, for many reasons: agriculture, health, European funds, environment, transport, etc. On the other hand, this is also a great responsibility for us. In my capacity of PSD President, I cannot afford to talk about all kind of scenarios before performing a deep analysis,  because if I decide inside PSD that this Government has to leave, in that moment proceedings are starting and the Government leaves, and we will have to go to Cotroceni, to the President Klaus Iohannis, without having any guarantee that he will propose or assign a Government at our proposal, thus risking to be led in a situation of higher instability, with a proposal coming from Parliament, which will not be voted by us, with a Government having limited attributions, as Mr. Tariceanu said, also possibly early elections before the elections on time. This is not an option to be totally ignored, but it’s the last option”, stated Dragnea, according to Agerpres.

The PSD leader mentioned that a decision will be taken after the electoral campaign for the local elections. “We are trying to see what we have to do after this electoral campaign, when we can seat and carefully analyze if the prejudices, the troubles, the mistakes of the current Government are so important that we will have to take this action. I will be able to announce a decision, which will be the final one, only after I will talk to all my colleagues in the party and to the colleagues from the alliance” Dragnea stated.


I was not friends with Ponta, but I wasn’t an enemy either


Social Democrat Party (PSD) President Liviu Dragnea openly talked for the first time about what will happen with the Social Democrats after the elections and in what conditions he will resign from his party office.

“On the day I was convicted, I clearly announced I would not step down. Had I done so, internecine fighting would have followed and I would have compromised the elections campaign. I made a natural announcement. After the elections, we will decide what to do, depending on the elections. If we win the local elections, it’s difficult to say you’ll leave. If we obtain a poor result, I’ll leave. A poor result means not finishing first in the elections. If we finish second, I’ll step down. I’ll resign. If we are first, we’ll discuss,” Dragnea said on RTV.

In a fit of sincerity, Dragnea also talked about his relation with Victor Ponta and about the latter’s chances of returning to the office of Premier. “There wasn’t a friendship with Victor Ponta all the time, but we weren’t enemies. There were difficult moments over the years. Each of us fought for his opinion. We always remained friends and this is how it will always be. PSD is not an object one picks up from the library or from a drawer, for it to be taken back. It would have been unnatural for Victor not to get involved in the party’s elections campaign. He had a duty toward this party. He had a period in which he sat on the side-lines. Victor Ponta said he doesn’t want to be Premier even if we win the parliamentary elections. He himself clarified this option. I don’t agree with Victor attacking Mr. Iohannis’s family. I never attack a politician’s family,” Dragnea said.

Dragnea lost his temper when asked whether Gabriela Firea could become PSD President if she becomes Bucharest Mayor. “You are very concerned with PSD’s presidency. I want Gabriela Firea to win in Bucharest. I don’t know whether she can become PSD President. I’m still alive and if I’m alive and very much free it means I’m still PSD President. When I’m carrying out analyses I carry them out for Bucharest but also for Alexandria,” Dragnea concluded.





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