Nicusor Dan: I won’t be Deputy Mayor regardless of who wins the race for Bucharest City Hall

Nicusor Dan, USB’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, stated in an interview for ‘Gandul’ that in case of failure in the electoral race he will not accept the office of Deputy Mayor and his party will take the opposition’s seats within the General Council of the Bucharest Municipality.

“I hope to win these elections. If not, I will not be Deputy Mayor regardless of who wins, because that would be a political alliance and at this moment we are not entering political alliances with corrupt parties. I would like us to have as high representation as possible within the General Council, in order to help the Mayor push through his decisions. In case we will be in the opposition, we will vote based on the projects’ merits. If the projects are good for Bucharest we will vote for them, if they are not we will vote against them. At any rate, we will communicate with Bucharesters and we will let them know what they are about,” Nicusor Dan stated.

The USB candidate has rejected on several occasions the option of becoming Bucharest Deputy Mayor, especially after Gabriela Vranceanu Firea, PSD’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, expressed her desire to have “a Deputy Mayor like Nicusor Dan.”


At the start of the campaign I had a file on Predoiu. If he attacks, I’ll respond


Nicusor Dan also stated that his campaign team has prepared a file with “all they found about Mr. Predoiu,” but he has not used it, warning that he will if he is attacked.

“At the start of the campaign I had a file on Mr. Predoiu, prepared by my PR team, with everything they found about Mr. Predoiu. I haven’t used it. If Mr. Predoiu attacks me I will respond as I responded yesterday. On the topic on which he attacks. He attacked me in relation to PSD, I showed him the contracts that Mayor Oprescu awarded to his father-in-law’s law firm,” Nicusor Dan stated in an interview for gandul.info.

The USB candidate said he is astonished by the “disproportionate attack” launched by PNL against him and says he refused Catalin Predoiu’s proposal (a survey that would have showed which of the two scores better in voter intentions and would have resulted in the other endorsing his candidacy – editor’s note) “out of respect for USB voters.”

“It was a matter of principle: this agreement would have been a political alliance with PNL and precisely those people I was telling you about, who are saying at this moment that they are voting for us, do not want to hear about any deal either with PNL or PSD. Out of respect for our voters, we did not want to enter a pre-electoral deal with PNL,” Nicusor Dan explained.

In what concerns the candidate with the biggest chances to win the race for the Bucharest City Hall, Nicusor Dan named Gabriela Vranceanu Firea: “Ms. Firea, the representative of PSD, the most corrupt party in Romania, has the first shot at winning the Bucharest City Hall. Firea is the representative of the most corrupt party in Romania, she is the representative of the party that pulled the “Black Tuesday,” the party currently led by Mr. Dragnea, previously led by Mr. Ponta, that had five mayors in Bucharest – all five of them being currently criminally prosecuted.”

He encouraged Bucharesters to vote on Sunday because “otherwise PSD wins Bucharest.”

“I first voted for Mr. Campeanu. Then for Emil Constantinescu. I recently obtained Bucharest residence, I only voted in the Presidential and Parliamentary elections [while] in Bucharest. Every time, I voted for the lesser of evils. Now there is an option. The lesser evil has turned out to be a gimmick played before us on television. In 2000, I voted for Ion Iliescu in the runoff. It wasn’t easy to do, considering the experience of the 1990s, but it was a conscious vote against a direction Romania would have otherwise taken…,” Nicusor Dan said.

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