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April 12, 2021

Paleologu criticises PNL leadership, wants party Congress: Illegitimate and completely inept leadership leading us to disaster

PNL should have backed Nicusor Dan in Bucharest, party heading toward certain disaster


Lower Chamber and National Liberal Party (PNL) member Theodor Paleologu is becoming once again one of the voices critical of the party’s leadership and says that the Liberals should have backed Save Bucharest Union (USB) candidate Nicusor Dan in the race for the Bucharest City Hall, in return for USB withdrawing its candidates for the Bucharest District Mayoralties (with the exception of District 4), adding that PNL is heading toward “certain disaster” and a party conference is needed.

The MP’s main reproach of his party colleagues is that they disrespect Nicusor Dan.

“What I’m reproaching my PNL colleagues with is that they do not respect Nicusor Dan, in private talks they always treat him as a wimp, a sucker, PSD’s lure and so on. This is very grave,” Paleologu stated on RFI on Wednesday morning.

He emphasised that PNL’s strategy has been wrong from the start, Cezar Preda and Alina Gorghiu hurting Catalin Predoiu.

“Unfortunately, things have taken a very ugly turn and I regret this very much, because I respect both Catalin Predoiu and Nicusor Dan. It has to be said right from the start, PNL’s campaign strategy has been completely wrong. Unfortunately, Cezar Preda set the tone of the campaign with that inadmissible and completely inept attack against Nicusor Dan, when he said Nicusor Dan is PSD’s lure. If you say such a thing you lose any kind of respectability, nobody believes such idiocy. (…) Unfortunately, when Preda and Gorghiu open their mouths Predoiu loses more votes,” Paleologu argued.

In his opinion, PNL should have backed Nicusor Dan.

“From the start, an entirely different approach was needed and I did my duty as member of the National Liberal Party and I said how I see things, namely: a single candidate – Nicusor Dan – for the Bucharest City Hall and, in return, the withdrawal of all USB candidates from the races for the District Mayoralties, which they cannot win, except in District 4 where Mr. Sava is campaigning with Piedone, so he no longer has any link with Liberalism, with Bucharest’s renewal and with fair management,” the PNL lawmaker explained.

He asked for an extraordinary party congress, being of the opinion that the party is heading toward “certain disaster.”

“If we are not staking on the formula I proposed, it might be too late, we will be heading toward certain disaster, namely the victory of Ms. Firea, and likewise a very bad situation in the Districts too. (…) The problem will be that of taking responsibility for this disaster. Those who are responsible for this situation have to leave. There is the need for an extraordinary party conference and one did properly, not in a haste so that those who are now leading the party could use it to their advantage. It’s their responsibility. This leadership is illegitimate and completely inept, it has proved its political inability and is leading us to disaster,” he concluded.

Last week, PNL Co-President Vasile Blaga stated that he does not believe it would be advisable for PNL to organise a party congress after the local elections, arguing that the party has to prepare for parliamentary elections.

“I don’t believe it would be good, it’s an opinion shared by many colleagues. (…) Nobody is afraid of the party conference, God forbid! The party has a lot of work to do in the upcoming period. It’s debatable. I have nothing for or against, but my point of view is that I don’t believe it would be good to hold a party congress before the general elections, we have to prepare properly in order to win,” Blaga said in a live session on Facebook.


Busoi to Paleologu: If you have something to say, say it within the party, not publicly, or talk about PSD!


PNL First Vice President Cristian Busoi has told MP Theodor Paleology not to become a liability for the party, to stop criticising the Liberals “in the public square” and to attack PSD instead.

“Every time he has talked about PNL in recent weeks, Toader Paleologu has done nothing but thrash PNL, something that certainly does not help in any way. If he wants to help PNL, not just to throw fuel on the fire so he could be seen in a better light, he should say something about PSD and PSD’s Bucharest City Hall candidate too, because PNL is nevertheless in an elections campaign until June 5. And if he really cares about PNL’s candidate in Bucharest then I ask him not to join those who are indirectly targeting Catalin Predoiu’s campaign,” Busoi pointed out in a press release.

He claimed that PNL’s problems “are not more special than the problems registered by any party during and after the elections.”

“If Paleologu wants to help solve PNL’s problems, not to become part of these problems, he should talk within the party, not in the public square. And, most of all, he should say something that would help PNL’s campaign too, not something that would distract from it,” the Liberal warned his party colleague.



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