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July 28, 2021

Campaign ends, Permanent Electoral Authority head motivates staff for local elections

Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) President Ana Maria Patru wrote an open letter to the election experts and computer operators, as campaign ended at 7.00 on Saturday, 24 hours before polls open for local elections in Romania.

“You have become AEP’s partners in the most important election mission in the past 26 years. Either you are an election expert or a computer operator in the polling station, you get an opportunity to prove that Romania’s democracy is based on free and fair elections. We all know that the 5 June 2016 local elections will be a national test (…) especially as regards the computerization of the polling stations,” Patru asserted.

She urged the staff to act responsibly and firmly. “Belonging to the corps of electoral experts gives you full legitimacy and places you above any suspicion of political bias. The AEP is counting on you for the smooth proceeding of voting in all the polling stations,” she told the experts. To the computer operators, she wrote, “You will be the first to interact with every voter, and the tablet you have will operate against illegal voting. (…) The future confidence of voters and political competitors in the computer system for monitoring the turnout and preventing the illegal voting largely depends on you.

“Let’s prove the citizens their vote is only theirs, and the elections in Romania reflect their will and you professionalism. Good luck!” the AEP head concluded.

More than 18.2 million voters were on the electoral roll for the Sunday local elections for Romania’s mayors, local councils, and 41 county councils, plus Bucharest’s general mayor and council and six district mayors and councils.

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