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September 27, 2021

IntMin Toba: More than 65,000 MAI staff mobilized to secure smooth running of Sunday’s local elections

More than 65,000 employees of the Interior Ministry (MAI) have been mobilized to secure the smooth running of the local elections on Sunday, June 5.

Interior Minister Petre Toba said Friday that the preparations for the June 5 polls were complete.

“There is less than 48 hours until the polling stations open (…). There has been no special incident so far. I am demanding the same mobilisation, the same firmness, and the same exigencies in enforcing the law of you so as to avoid any problems. I am urging all the electoral competitors to remember that electioneering is over tomorrow [Saturday] at 07:00hrs and any continuation thereof is illegal. As you could see, all the preparations for the smooth running of the elections are complete. We are waiting for the people entitled to vote to exercise their constitutional right,” Toba told a videoconference with the central team responsible for coordinating the organisation of the local elections attended by members of technical boards chaired by prefects and heads of local MAI offices.

Toba said the MAI has reached the finish line with all the activities related to the organisation of the local elections.

“As far as the legal obligations incumbent on MAI are concerned, the ministry has completed the acquisition of over 18 million adhesive stamps, the making of over 93,000 rubber stamps reading ‘votat’ (voted), as well as the printing of all the ballot papers. Guard and security measures have been set in place at all the headquarters of the electoral bureaus. (…) Support has been secured for the Standing Electoral Authority (AEP), the National Institute of Statistics (INS) and the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) in terms of training and all other requested activities for the electoral process,” said Toba.

He added that a third test of the information system that monitors voter turnout and prevent multiple voting was conducted on Friday.

“At the same time, the register offices and personal data administration offices have conducted checks of the National People Registry for civil status and domicile and submitted the findings to AEP. The findings led the Police to draw 23 criminal files and impose 231 fines for law violations. I am asking the Romanian Police to continue checking up to and including the election day,” said Toba.

He added that officers of the Emergency Inspectorate (ISU) conducted specialist inspection of all the 18,616 polling stations nationwide.

He said the entire electioneering process was conducted without special incident, voicing hope that the same public peace environment will continue into the June 5 local elections.


Number of election campaign offenses down 76pct from 2012 campaign


The campaign for the local elections ran without particular incidents and the number of offenses found by Interior Ministry (MAI) workers was down 76 percent from the similar campaign of 2012.

“To ensure the public order and safety required by the smooth unfolding of the election campaign, the MAI public order structures provided security for 1,285 public campaign events organised in 798 localities, as well as in the Municipality of Bucharest. In all these situations the activities unfolded normally, with no special incidents reported,” IntMin Petre Toba said at the meeting of the central technical committee on the coordination of local elections organisation activities, carried out at the MAI seat.


STS’ Opris: There is no risk related to multiple voting avoidance system


There is no risk related to the information system that monitors voter turnout and prevents illegal voting, including no cyberattack, Director of the Special Telecommunications Service (STS) Marcel Opris told a last meeting at the Interior Ministry (MAI) of the teams responsible for preparing the local elections of June 5.

“Today there was a last verification of the entire system of material resources, equipment and staff that make up the system that deters multiple voting. The conclusions are reason to joy. Other aspects were also tested that were not tested before. (…) The equipment and applications installed at the STS central office and the Central Electoral Bureau were tested. As far as these aspects are concerned, there is no risk, not even, if you want, the risk of being attacked on election day. Measures have been taken so that anyone planning to disturb the voting will fail,” said Opris on Friday.

He added that the system applications are stable.

Opris said that another objective of the test was to update databases as mayors had until Friday to make the last changes in the permanent voter lists.


President Iohannis invited electors to vote: Ponder well, choose right people


President Klaus Iohannis invites Romanians to go on Sunday to vote and recommendes them to choose the right people.

“Dear Romanians, I shall go to vote on Sunday, in the local elections. Voting in a democracy is very important. Voting is, in fact, the manner in which the citizens effectively participate in the democratic process. I am inviting you to go to the polls on Sunday. Ponder well, choose the right people and vote for them!,” Iohannis says in a video message posted on his Facebook page on Friday.

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