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April 14, 2021

Local elections 2016: Politicians, officials and candidates make allegorical and mobilizing statements upon exiting the polls

PM Dacian Ciolos: I would’ve expected more human resource regeneration from parties


Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos declared, upon exiting the polls for the local elections, that he would have expected a higher “regeneration of human resources from parties that have proposed the candidates” and hopes for a better situation in the parliamentary elections.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister, who voted around 8.30 a.m. in a polling station in Zalau, the county seat of Salaj County, expressed his hope that all people who are enfranchised will show up at the polls.

“I voted. I did my duty as a citizen and I hope that this is done by all persons who have a right to vote because, beyond what we can do throughout the mandate of local officials, now is the moment to utter our most consistent point of view. You already know that I voted for democracy, prosperity and so on. These are generalizations, I believe. I voted for people that I hope can make this city more than it is, firstly. So I voted people I can trust, even if, honestly, I expected more regeneration of human resources from the parties that proposed candidates. I hope we have a better dynamic for the parliamentary elections,” said the Prime Minister.

Ciolos added that, even though he was away from Zalau, he kept his address in this city because this is where his roots are.

“To this city and these places I feel connected. The fact that I went one place or another was that, well, that’s where the opportunities were, but you know how it is, wherever you go you remain tied to the roots at home and I don’t want to cut them. Being an agronomist, I know what cutting your roots and regenerating them in another place means. This is where my family is, this is where I have friends,” concluded PM Dacian Ciolos.

Valerie, Dacian Ciolos’ wife, accompanied him at the polls.


Calin Popescu Tariceanu: “I won’t hide it; I want more democracy”


The Senate Speaker wants “more democracy” at national level and at the level of local management. Calin Popescu made the statement after he cast his ballot.

“I won’t hide it from you, I want more democracy at the level of the whole country and at the level of local management, so that the decisions taken would be taken by consulting citizens and by taking into account their opinions,” Calin Popescu Tariceanu stated.

“The elections campaign which has taken place in perfect anonymity does not help consolidate the democratic exercise that Romania has to do. I am calling on Bucharesters to go out and vote, through their option they will be able to give an outlook to local communities. I am concerned by the low voter turnout,” he added.


 Traian Basescu: It’s much more difficult for one to be the candidate


Ex-President Traian Basescu stated that he does not regret not running in the local elections and emphasised that it is much more difficult “for one to be the candidate.”

“I voted for new politicians, for a new party that would not be affected by the problems of transition. I hope that these local elections will be the moment the Romanian electorate eliminates the parties and candidates that have criminal files. Everybody is screaming ‘down with the corrupt’; today they have the voting stamp in their hands, they can bring them down,” Traian Basescu stated.

“It is much more difficult for one to be the candidate,” he said.

Asked whether he regrets not running in the elections, he answered negatively.


Former President Iliescu: Antifraud idea, regardless of promotion, is necessary


Former President Ion Iliescu believes that the idea of antifraud, regardless of promotion, is necessary, and says he has come to vote to fulfill a basic duty.

“It is a basic duty. Regardless of what anyone understands through novelty (n.r. – the new voting system). We must have, on one hand, continuity, consistency, in consolidating Romanian democracy and local elections are an expression of that and, on the other hand, we must ensure openness to better, to new,” said on Sunday the honorary chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), who voted at the Jean Monnet high school of Bucharest.

Asked if the antifraud system is beneficial, Ion Iliescu said “The idea of antifraud, regardless of its promotion, is necessary. If the manner in which it is approached is efficient or not – that is the underlying matter.”


Catalin Predoiu: God willing, the citizens’ votes will result in serious city management


Catalin Predoiu, the National Liberal Party’s (PNL) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, voted around 11 a.m. on Sunday, at the ‘Virgil Madgearu’ Economic College.

“I am glad to be here on such a sunny day. It’s a beautiful sunny day. I believe, I hope that it will be a sunny day for Bucharest too, after a period that brought us only dark skies and trouble,” Predoiu said after he cast his ballot.

“I voted for seriousness and professionalism, which are winning solutions,” the Liberal stated, adding that he wants these elections “to bring about a city management that would make Bucharest what it deserves to be, a large European capital.”


Nicusor Dan: I voted for corruption-free Bucharest, for a new political class


Nicusor Dan, Save Bucharest Union’s (USB) candidate, voted on Sunday for a corruption-free Bucharest and a new political class, pointing out that he had a sleepless night because “my neighbour celebrated his 18th birthday,” news.ro informs. He stated that throughout the day he would visit several voting centres in order to salute USB’s representatives.

“I voted for a corruption-free Bucharest, I voted for a new political class, not for one that has proved its corruption and incompetence, and I want to ask people to vote. Important changes took place in Romania every time people came out to vote in large numbers, and I’m convinced we can do it today too,” Nicusor Dan stated after he cast his ballot.

Likewise, Nicusor Dan said that throughout the day he would visit several voting centres in Bucharest in order to meet the USB representatives who are monitoring the voting process.

Nicusor Dan was accompanied by his wife and said that after voting they would go at the hospital where their new-born daughter is still hospitalised. He voted at school no.278.


Gabriela Firea: I voted thinking about a Bucharest with modern schools and hospitals, with the traffic congestion issue solved


Gabriela Firea, PSD-UNPR’s candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, voted at the ‘Tudor Vianu’ College on Sunday, stating that she voted thinking about the Bucharesters who are losing a lot of time in congested traffic, reminding that the city’s “good managers” are being elected in the local elections, news.ro informs.

“I voted with the hope that Bucharesters will have a better life. We all hoped every time that beautiful things would happen in Bucharest. This time we have maybe an extra chance, because we are all more mature, from all points of view. I voted thinking about a Bucharest with modern schools and hospitals, with the congested traffic issue solved. (…) I voted thinking about the adults, the active persons, who are spending a lot of time in traffic, while driving to work, to their children’s schools. (…) We are at the end of a very agitated period, a murky period, I am glad I noticed my decision was correct, the decision to use my whole energy and the time at my disposal to present all Bucharesters my intentions and projects,” Gabriela Firea stated after she cast her ballot.

She pointed out that the “cities’ good managers” are being elected in Sunday’s elections.

At the voting centre, Gabriela Firea was met by Dan Tudorache, PSD-UNPR’s candidate for the Bucharest District 1 Mayoralty, as well as a group of supporters that applauded her on both her arrival and departure.


Robert Turcescu: It’s not a very big effort to go out and vote once every four years


Robert Turcescu, Popular Movement Party’s (PMP) candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, voted at 9 a.m. on Sunday, at the University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

“I’m thinking that, hopefully, it’s not a very big effort, neither for democracy nor for ourselves, to go out and vote every four years,” Robert Turcescu said.

“The responsibility is shared. The electorate, the Romanian society, has in its turn the obligation to pay tribute to democracy, for 5-10 minutes, a tribute that is not a painful one, let’s be serious. We go out to vote, we stamp the ballot and we consider that we really want to change something. If it doesn’t happen, we probably have to look at both sides, to the political class, to Romanian society, and analyse what is happening to us all,” Robert Turcescu added.


PSD’s Dragnea: I hope Romanians vote serious and responsible people who don’t sell illusions


Social Democrat Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea upon exiting the polling station voiced his hope that Romanians will vote in the local elections for the development of their communities and for serious and responsible people.

“These are four important years for Romania, when many projects can be done, four years when people can have a better life. Just as I have voted, I hope Romanians will vote for serious and responsible people who don’t sell illusions, who don’t lie, for honest, fair people who together with their communities will make Romania develop,” Liviu Dragnea said.

He added that he came with “great confidence” to vote for the people he believes in and “with very much hope for the future.”

The Social Democrat Party Chairman voted in Turnu Magurele, Teleorman County.


PNL’s co-presidents urge Bucharesters to come out to polls, vote for honest and fair persons


National Liberal Party (PNL) Co-President Alina Gorghiu urged on Sunday that voters elect firstly “honest and fair persons”, stating that this is the most important attribute of a mayor today.

“I wish that the life of many communities in Romania changes, but, unfortunately, because some didn’t want a second round of voting, it is probable that it will not change as much as we want. Given that we don’t have a second round, I urge you all to come to vote, to vote usefully, to vote with reason and soul and at the same time know one thing: those that stay at home and give that ‘blame vote’ do not decide. Only those coming to the polls can decide the fate of their community so I urge you to get involved, decide your future in Bucharest, in the districts, and elect firstly honest and fair persons. It is, I believe, the most important attribute of a mayor today,” said Gorghiu upon exiting the polling station.

She confessed that she voted nervously, “with soul and reason”, mentioning that the choice was an easy one.

The National Liberal Party’s Co-President Vasile Blaga said that he “voted for a good local government, for professionalism, for competence and vision,” but also against “imposture, demagogy and extreme populism.”

He also appealed to Bucharesters to come out to polls.

“I will take the liberty to invite Bucharesters to come in large numbers to the polls, because I know that they care about the city they live in, about every district,” said Blaga.


President Iohannis invited voters to vote: Ponder well, choose right people


President Klaus Iohannis invited Romanians to go on Sunday to vote and recommended them to choose the right people.

“Dear Romanians, I shall go to vote on Sunday, in the local elections. Voting in a democracy is very important. Voting is, in fact, the manner in which the citizens effectively participate in the democratic process. I am inviting you to go to the polls on Sunday. Ponder well, choose the right people and vote for them!,” Iohannis said in a video message posted on his Facebook page on Friday.




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