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March 4, 2021

Over 18,000,000 voters expected to cast ballots to elect mayors and authorities of the local administration

The polling stations have opened on Sunday, at 7 am, and more than 18,000,000 electors are expected to cast their ballots until 9 pm, to elect the authorities of the local administration.

A number of 267,242 are running for mayor, local or county councilor, or for the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest.

According to the statistics released by the Central Electoral Bureau, 12 candidates are competing for the Capital general mayor office, there are 14,039 candidates for mayor, 239,134 persons want a local councilor seat, and 14,057 are running for a county councilor seat or one in the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest.

In Bucharest, 1,780,307 citizens are expected to cast their ballots, to elect the general mayor, the sector mayors, general and local councilors, in 1,246 polling stations.

In Bucharest’s sector 1 there are 207,584 electors registered in the electoral roll, in sector 2 – 317,581, in sector 3 – 402,970, ,in sector 4 – 272,842, in sector 5 – 248,438, and in sector 6 – 330,892.

As a first, the polling stations have a tablet application installed meant to prevent the illegal voting attempts. Thus, the elector hands a computer operator the ID, who will scan the Personal Identification Number, and the app will show whether the person has voted or not. Voting fraud is punished with 6 months to 3 years jail time, or fine, and the ban of exercising some rights.

Another novelty in the elections is that the presidents and vice presidents of county councils, as well as deputy mayors are elected by indirect voting, by the county councils and local councils, respectively.

Citizens who turned 18 years on election day included have the right to vote, and the elective franchise can be exercised based on the identity paper, identity card, provisional identity card, diplomatic or service passport and military licence.

Electors vote only at the polling station corresponding to the domicile or residence street or locality, where they are registered on the permanent roll (the Romanian citizen electors) or on the copy of the complementary electoral roll (the EU citizen electors).

At the same polling station, electors cast their vote for the local, county council and mayor, where they will receive three paper ballots. In the Capital, they will vote for the local council of the sector, sector mayor, the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest, as well as the general mayor and will receive four paper ballots.

The stamp with the “Voted” inscription is to be placed inside the square including the list of candidates or the name of the favourite candidate, or the paper ballot will be declared null. After they vote, citizens fold the paper ballot and introduce it in the ballot box.

After that, electors must hand over the stamp to the president of the polling station, who has the obligation to stamp the ID, with the poll data mentioned.

For the Sunday elections, a number of 18,616 polling stations were set up nationwide.


BEC – voter turnout: One million Romanians have already voted by 9:22


One million persons have voted on Sunday by 9:22 in the local elections, according to the Central Electoral Bureau reports.

The counties that recorded the highest voter turnout were Teleorman – 9.53 pct, Giurgiu – 8.89 pct and Olt – 8.67 pct, and the lowest turnout was registered in Harghita – 3.75 pct, Cluj – 3.98 pct and Sibiu – 4.05 pct.

Bucharest recorded a 2.83 pct voter turnout by the aforementioned time.


7.93 pct of voters turn out to polls until 10:00


The voter turnout in the local elections of Sunday until 10:00 was of 7.93 pct, according to the data announced by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC).

In the urban environment, the voter turnout stood at 6.13 pct, while in the rural environment, it stood at 10.37 pct.

According to BEC, Bucharest’s turnout stood at 4.36 pct of the voters.

Bucharest’s District 1 saw 4.62 pct of electors turnout, District 2 – 4.44 pct, District 3 – 4.17 pct, District 4 – 4.43 pct, District 5 – 3.98 pct, and District 6 – 4.59 pct.

The next update on voter turnout will come from the BEC at 13:30 for data collected until 13:00.

In 2012, the voter turnout until 10:00 was 8.99 pct.

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