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March 23, 2023

BEC : PSD+UNPR Alliance, 43.45pct for Bucharest General Mayoralty; USB, 29.93pct

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) + the National Union for Romania’s Progress (UNPR) Alliance garnered in the elections for the Bucharest General Mayoralty 43.45 percent of the total number of valid votes in Sunday’s local elections, followed by the Save Bucharest Union (USB) – 29.93 percent, according to the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) centralised results from 889 polling stations of the total 1,252 existing in Bucharest.


Mayoral offices: PSD, 37.62pct; PNL, 32.80pct


The Social Democratic Party (PSD) won 37.62 percent of the votes for mayors in Sunday’s local elections; it is followed by the National Liberal Party (PNL), with 32.80 percent, according to a partial count by the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) of the results from 3,122 polling stations of the existing 3,186 nationwide.

Next came the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), 5.74 percent, independent candidates, 5.16 percent; the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), 4.35 percent; the People’s Movement Party (PMP), 3.33 percent; the National Union for Romania’s Progress, 2.49 percent, the PSD+UNPR alliance, 1.30 percent, and the Social Romanian Party (PSRO), 1.23 percent. All the other political parties garnered less than one percent of the votes.

At the same time, PSD won 1,638 mayoral offices nationwide; PNL – 1,065; UDMR – 195; ALDE – 64; independent candidates – 52.

UNPR won 25 mayoral offices; PMP – 18; the Civic Hungarian Party – 13; the PSD + UNPR Alliance – 12; the German Democratic Forum – 5; PSRO – 4; the PSD+ALDE Alliance – 4; the Christian Democratic National Peasant Party (PNTCD) – 3; the Humanist Power Party (Social-Liberal), the United Romania Party, the MPP-EMNP Alliance and the Alliance for the Future won two mayoral offices each.

One mayoral office each went to the Community of Russian Lipovans, the Pro Europa Roma Party, the Party of Ialomita People, the Democratic Union of Romania’s Czechs and Slovaks, the Romanian Green Party, the M10 Party, Coalition for Baia Mare, the Greens, the PSD – ALDE Alliance for Budesti, the ALDE – PSD Alliance for Livezile, the ALDE – PSD Alliance for Sinmihaiu de Cimpie, the ALDE-PSD Alliance for Romuli, the PSD+ALDE Social Liberal Alliance, the PSD+ALDE Alliance for Bran, and the PSD+ALDE Social Liberal Alliance.

*** As far as local councillor offices are concerned, PSD won 36.12 percent, PNL – 30.90 percent, ALDE – 6.47 percent, UDMR – 5.49 percent, PMP – 3.97 percent, UNPR – 3.07 percent, independent candidates – 2.79 percent, PSRO – 1.30 percent, the PSD+UNPR Alliance – 1.27 percent. The remaining political formations won less than one percent of the votes.

In figures, PSD won 16,251 councillor offices; PNL -12,849; ALDE – 2,430, and UDMR – 2,281.

Next were PMP – 1,264; UNPR – 1,173; PSRO – 315, independent candidates – 305. Also winning local councillor offices were the Hungarian Peoples’ Party of Transylvania (PPMT) – 207; PER – 201; the United Romania Party (PRU) – 166; the Civic Hungarian Party – 158; the National Democratic Party – 145; the Greater Romania Party (PRM) – 140; the Pro Europa Roma Party – 137; the PSD+UNPR Alliance – 137; PNTCD – 131; the Party of Humanist Power (Social Liberal) – 102; the M10 Party – 91; the German Democratic Forum of Romania – 80; the Party for Arges and Muscel – 67; the Greens – 52; the PSD+ALDE Alliance – 39; the MPP-EMNP Alliance – 33; the Party of Ialomita People – 26; the Democratic Union of Romania’s Czechs and Slovaks – 23; the Alliance for the future – 19; the Romanian Socialist Party – 18.

The remaining political formations won less than 16 offices, or under 0.03 percent.

*** In the county councillor races, PSD won 37.70 percent ; PNL – 32.10 percent, ALDE – 6.16 percent, UDMR – 5.56 percent, PMP – 4.19 percent, UNPR – 2.70 percent, the PSD+UNPR Alliance – 1.91 percent, PSRO – 1.25 percent and PER 1.14 percent.


Prosecutor General  Lazar: 245 notifications of election issues, under investigation


Romania’s Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar said on Tuesday that there are 245 notifications of electoral incidents being investigated.

“There are 245 notifications resulting from the information system, which marks all the notifications signalled in such instances, and they are going to be checked one by one to see if there truly was a case of multiple voting or notification errors,” said Lazar.

He declined to comment why voters voted one way or another, mentioning that justice does its duty and voters vote according to their beliefs.

“There are some 137 additional actions found by judicial police staff which are also being investigated. There are also 10 persons against which preventive measures were taken. The judicial bodies are responsible for checking all these aspects,” Lazar explained.

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