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February 4, 2023

PSD’s victory – Closing of the Left’s circle of power

Theoretically (unfortunately, also practically, from my point of view), “les jex sont faits, rien ne va plus”.

The first round of the elections in this year, namely the administrative-territorial ones, has ended.

The political Left resumes its positions. And it does it in a powerful manner, without any doubt, in front of a Right which is pulverized from inside, weak and dissolved by its own fears and inner fights.

With a percentage of more than 70 percent at the national level and over 80 percent in Bucharest, PSD has (re)planted its flag and its signs on the Romania’s territorial and political redoubts.

Are Romanian people so “left-oriented” at the level of their national DNA voluntarily or unconsciously?

Or, maybe the stamp of the more than 45 years of communism is still present and it  imposes itself the same way as the virus of a hepatitis remains in the blood of the sick person all the rest of his/her life, although he/she appears to be healthy again?

But, anyway, what could we expect in a rational and realistic manner, since starting with the nomination of the PNL candidate for the Bucharest City Hall, there was a ridiculous and endless game of the “Hide and Seek” and a permanent dispute and battle of egos between the sad figures of the leaders of the Right and who knows what other figure suddenly appeared as a saving option for a lot of windmills?

And, before that, the massive earthquake which divided and crumbled the so-called Right in totally uncertain territories, embarrassed and almost completely annexed to the great continent belonging to PSD, caused the powerful shaking of the Romanians’ trust in the Right’s capacity to represent or to recover itself, somehow, in the very short time remained until the start of this electoral campaign. After an almost non-existent campaign, after an electoral simulacrum of the single voting tour, after non-democratic applications of the ones having criminal files and after all the tornado from the Media and justice which preceded and replaced the electoral campaign, the vote against the politicians given by the massive absence to the ballot boxes, an absence representing a protest of the youth, leads us to a single conclusion.

It’s the same conclusion which appeared and continues to appear once at every 4 years in the last 27 years: Romanian people are not prepared yet for a real democracy in Romania.

They are not prepared for a democracy created by a conscious social and political exercise, a mature and responsible exercise to which the answer should not be: “I voted X or Y as a mayor because he stole enough until now and I hope that, from now on, he will be sick of doing nothing but steal, and he will wish to do something for us, too”.

I will not blame the absenteeism.

Not voting may represent a legitimate option of protesting in a country in which that missing vote, being cancelled, may make the difference between what you want and what you do not want to exist anymore in terms of politics and social in your life.

But I say it again: this would be the situation IN A DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY.

But in a country where voting is a form of being driven like a flock, by a Media ram or another ram, to an unavoidable abyss which is the same every day, no matter how much you would struggle to think that, after another 4 years of stupid and useless hopes, you will get on the fat grass, with loving shepherds, who are good willing, the solution of not going to vote is labeled and deemed to be the supreme betrayal and the supreme crime.

Besides, going to vote being driven only by desperation, or the idea which is as stupid as this one, maybe even more stupid, that voting any other candidate than the one you detest and you don’t want to win, no matter where he comes from, who he is or who he represents, becomes the saving solution, as well as denying by rebound, seems to me a tragic and serious gesture which leaves you speechless and completely devoid of any logical and reasonable argument.

In other words, out of the frying pan into the fire!

Romanian people have learned to vote against something, when they are not voting in unawareness, like some damaged machines, which permanently repeat the same sequence, regardless of how anachronistic and bad it would be.

In the last period of time, Romanian people are voting in accordance to the tendencies imposed by the “American political trend”. If America has a woman who is candidate in the presidential campaign, why wouldn’t we, Romanians, be one step before America, electing a woman for the… Capital… ?!!!

From this moment, Bucharest has Gabriela Vranceanu Firea as its Mayor.

In this moment, any comment or analysis to the political person of the new Mayor of the Capital is not only useless, but also revealing by missing.

If the Capital of the country is red again, then the balance of the political forces in the other counties and municipalities of the country is completely lost, regardless of how the exit-polls will look today or in the coming days.

Why’s that?

Simply because, like I said before, Capital is the mirror in which Romanian people can see clearly (if they will have eyes to see and the wish to ever understand the truth) how the structure of the parliamentary election will look like in November this year and, subsequently, they will be able to see how the political Left and the Right of the political environment will look from now on. And, of course, they will see how the future Government of the country will look like – the one going to be formed after the parliamentary election from this autumn.

What we also have to memorize and to understand, regardless of how the exit-polls for the Bucharest’s district town halls will look like, is that the political direction for any of the districts will start and is always starting from behind the seat of the General Mayor of Bucharest.

Concerning the second favorite of the race, Nicusor Dan…

Well, I wouldn’t go so far to assimilate this political option of one part of the young people who voted, with a Romanian political Right and with a new political party born to support and to reform the political Right, as an important part of the Mass-Media and of the press is already saying.

The trap of the pseudo-political candidate is reactivated now, less than two years after the experiment which all of us lived when electing the president.

Nicusor Dan is only an interface for what the politicians established, quietly and more than visible, to be the direction of the development of the events between the presidential elections, followed by the unfortunate and tragic “Colectiv” moment, going through the phase of the new technocrat Government and finding a logical, natural and unavoidable finality in the present moment.

More than this, I would dare to say that Nicusor Dan is a natural continuation of the “Iohannis maneuver”, a maneuver of resuscitating the democratic Romanian Right with the support of a brand new political apparatus via Occident, in terms and claims.

If all the trial options for rebranding and remaking an important political segment fail, that void has to be automatically filled with something which has to suggest the novelty and to validate the so-called will of the people.

To conclude (as a first conclusion of those happened until this moment and in this campaign), all we can say is that the circle of the transition started 27 years ago closes in the same place where it began.

Political Left resumes its rights officially, causing a vacuum of counterweight, which unbalances in a dangerous way the fragile balance searched and tried in the last quarter century of Romanian non-democracy.

There was no political campaign. There was only a political crusade of the Left. There was a war won before it started, with the weapons, mistakes and the lack of a real political opponent.

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