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May 13, 2021

The Hollywood Vampires have Bucharest audience getting off with rock and fireworks

Superband The Hollywood Vampires featuring Alice Cooper, Joe Perry and Johnny Depp paid tribute to classic rock in their Bucharest concert this Monday, where they played hits of giants The Who, T Rex, The Doors and The Beatles.

In a role reversal, at the end of the almost two-hour show the audience sang “Happy Birthday” to Johnny Depp, who turns 53 on June 9.

And the homage to the versatile actor didn’t stop there. Before the show, fans dressed up and coiffed as some of his famous characters: the Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow, or Edward Scissorhands – the goth-tinged outcast created by Tim Burton – were eagerly waiting at the entrance of the Romexpo complex concert area for the gig to start.

Tim Burton also accompanied the band to Bucharest after visiting the Bran Castle together before the show.

Sporting a goth costume and theatrical moves, Alice Cooper was the master of ceremonies of the show that opened with fireworks. With the 20th Century Fox introduction tune playing, the plasma displays next to the stage ran images of rock heavyweights, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison included, reminding that The Hollywood Vampires were founded to pay homage and honor the memories of rock stars that passed away in the ’70s from living a life of excess.

The first song of the evening was Raise the Dead, followed by the cover of the 20th Century Boy by T. Rex. Alice Cooper referenced the mythical character the band was named after.

Tonight we want your ears, we’ll want your throat later, said the artist. Next followed covers of The Who’s Pinball Wizard and My Generation. Jimi Hendix was among the artists the superband brought tribute to, with Alice Cooper saying, before a rendition of Manic Depression, that he had been “a vampire”.

The setlist of the Bucharest concert included songs by David Bowie (Rebel Rebel), The Doors (Five to One, Break On Through) and The Beatles (Come Together), but also original titles like As Bad as I Am.

Alice Cooper recalled the origins of the band name: the artists’ “fellowship” of alcohol. He spoke of the famous Rainbow Bar And Grill on Sunset Blvd where excessive lifestyle musicians, many of whom died of their passion, used to hang out. “I am the last surviving vampire,” the musician said before My Dead Drunk Friends.

At the bluesy rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s Stop Messin’ Around Joe Perry showed not just his musical but his choreographic virtuosity as well, playing with the guitar at the back of his neck, to the cheers of the spectators.

Dressed in a white shirt with folk-style embroidery on the sleeves – resembling a traditional Romanian shirt – a black vest, a collection of jewels, a scarf and a ‘Gavroche’ beanie, Johnny Depp played guitar impassively, a cigarette hanging all the time from the corner of his mouth. Depp’s every appearance on the screens next to the stage was met by the audience with enthusiastic cheering.

The encore included the famous School’s Out with inserts from Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall.

This guy I found near Dracula’s Castle, Alice Cooper said at the end of the show, when Depp’s turn came to be officially introduced. In the end Cooper asked the audience to sing “Happy Birthday” to the Hollywood star, who also received a cake on stage.

Thank you, next time we’ll come for your blood, promised Alice Cooper, bringing a dark-humorous end to a show lavish with hits, fireworks and huge balloons, Agerpres reports.

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