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January 29, 2022

First time listing of warrants at Bucharest Stock Exchange

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) and Raiffeisen Centrobank (RCB)  announce the launch of a new investment product available to Romanian investors for upside as well as downside markets.  30 new RCB products – all of them warrants – will be listed in joint cooperation with the distribution partner Raiffeisen Bank Romania. The aim is to supply both institutional, as well as individual investors with a comprehensive investment solution for each market phase.

With the listing of warrants at BVB, investors will have an opportunity to invest in 6 Romanian shares, Banca Transilvania, BRD Gr. Soc-Gen, Electrica, Fondul Proprietatea, OMV Petrom, Romgaz, renowned international indices, EURO STOXX 50® and ROTX® EUR, or commodities like gold. Newly launched instruments give the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or to sell, the underlying asset at a specific price of the instrument. Having these characteristics, the warrants are similar to options. All RCB warrants are offered in the local currency RON. The warrants will be permanently traded, giving the market making services offered by RCB.

”Investors and traders are getting new possibilities to earn money while being active on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. We are satisfied that the cooperation with Raiffeisen Centrobank generated these possibilities and we invite other financial institutions to embark on this fascinating journey together with the BVB, as issuers of new financial product traded on-exchange. We do not forget about the investors’ education accompanying the introduction of the new instruments, and attention to this aspect is a landmark of our strategy for development – said Ludwik Sobolewski, the CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

“For the first time, it will be possible to invest with leverage in local underlyings, thus allowing investors to even benefit from falling or rising prices or indices. One more advantage of the newly listed warrants is that they provide for the first time hedging opportunities against falling prices of local shares. Moreover, we see our local and sustainable presence as market maker as a service to BVB and investors. Moreover, our market maker function is an integral part of our entire product offering”, Heike Arbter, Managing Director with RCB and Head of Structured Products, points out.

According to Mihai Lazar, Director, Head of Capital Markets Sales at Raiffeisen Bank Romania, also responsible for the dissemination of structured products on the Romanian market, these new instruments on the Romanian market offer investors for the first time trading strategies in reference to the level of risk/reward sought by each. “The launch of these instruments is part of the broader initiative of the Raiffeisen Group to help develop the Romanian capital market and to support the country in becoming an emerging market”, Lazar declared.

With currently more than 4,000 certificates and warrants on Austrian, East European and selected international shares, indices as well as on commodities, RCB stands out for many years of expertise and pioneering work for structured products in Austria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.


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