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March 4, 2021

Relations between Iohannis and PNL, ever more cooler

President Klaus Iohannis is extremely upset following the results registered by the National Liberal Party (PNL) in the local elections, concurrent political sources told stiripesurse.ro.

The aforementioned sources claim that the President has already expressed his displeasure and will thump the table with his fist when he returns from Luxembourg. Iohannis may distance himself from PNL a bit, in the light of the new results, especially since PNL leaders have tried to transform a shameful defeat into a resounding victory.

The President will make a public statement in which he will express his disapproval with what PNL leaders did in the elections, the main concern being that these results could lead to a significant failure in the general elections next autumn. A defeat in the parliamentary elections would put Iohannis in the uncomfortable position of handing over the Government to PSD, and the plan of having a PNL Government in 2016-2019 would be ruined.

Concurrent political sources claim that Iohannis took his revenge on PNL on the day of the vote too, when he went out to vote in the evening, not in the morning as expected, thus refusing to mobilise the electorate early in the day, particularly the voters of the party whose candidate won the presidential elections.


Liberal Senator: If Iohannis says something stupid we have to applaud it. I don’t accept dictatorship!


On the other hand, PNL members are starting to voice their dissatisfaction with having the party’s name and image associated with President Iohannis.

“I don’t accept dictatorship within PNL,” PNL Senator Cristian Bodea (photo) stated on Monday on Antena 3. “If Iohannis says something stupid we have to applaud it,” he added.

He commented on the disastrous result registered by PNL in the local elections.

“Ever since Iohannis became President we have become his trumpet. You know very well that Liberals praised him on your show no matter what you asked them, even at the expense of the party. PNL has become Iohannis’s annex, cheerleader and PR office,” Senator Bodea stated on Monday on the ‘100 minutes with Alessandra Stoicescu’ show.


Anti-Gorghiu mutiny: I no longer accept party presidents imposed by Iohannis, who entered the party through the backdoor


Bodea claims that Klaus Iohannis imposed Alina Gorghiu in the office of PNL President, and PNL is accepting this situation out of fear. Cristian Bodea, who on Monday blamed the poor results in Bucharest on Klaus Iohannis’s influence within the party, continued the series of attacks against PNL’s current leadership on Tuesday too.

In a posting on Facebook, the Senator announced that he will not leave PNL. “They can try to shut me up by kicking me out. But I don’t care,” Bodea writes. “I’ve had enough sitting mum for a year and a half. Iohannis, who entered the party through the backdoor 3 years ago, won’t kick me out. I no longer accept [party] presidents imposed by Iohannis. Cristian Bodea no longer accepts dictatorship within PNL.”

Here is the Bihor Senator’s virulent posting:

“Cristian Bodea wants a free Liberal party! He is not going anywhere! To the disappointment of some at the helm, I’m not interested in ALDE. I’m not a fool to join an elephants’ graveyard controlled by “resurrecter” Dragnea.”

“Cristian Bodea will remain within PNL and fight until the end! For a FREE Liberal Party! They can try to shut me up by kicking me out. But I don’t care! I’ve had enough sitting mum for a year and a half! I’ve had enough being told not to think but to praise! My “backbone” hurts! Better a happy political analyst than a hunched and contained Liberal!”

“Cristian Bodea is not leaving PNL! I have fought for this party for 16 years, since 2000. And I had great results in Bihor. Alongside other Bihor Liberals. Iohannis, who entered the party through the backdoor 3 years ago, will not kick me out.”

“Cristian Bodea no longer accepts dictatorship within PNL! No longer accepts [party] presidents imposed by Iohannis! No longer accepts speeches imposed by Iohannis! No longer accepts living in fear within a LIBERAL party!”

“PNL does not belong to Iohannis, it belongs to Liberals! PNL has to choose its leadership at a democratic party conference, not on German orders! PNL has to become a right-wing, free and unbowed party once again!”

“Lions don’t die when hyenas want that,” Bodea wrote on Facebook.

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