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September 27, 2021

USB candidate Clotilde Armand not giving up fight in Bucharest District 1

Save Bucharest Union (USB) and Clotilde Armand (photo), the party’s candidate for the Bucharest District 1 Mayoralty, are not giving up on their election recount bid. “We will challenge at the Central Electoral Bureau the decision taken by the District Electoral Bureau,” Clotilde Armand stated on RFI on Wednesday. The USB candidate claims that she is ready to go even further, depending on what decision the Central Electoral Bureau (BEC) takes.

“I’m convinced that the Central Electoral Bureau will understand the interest and necessity to clarify things,” USB’s candidate for the District 1 Mayoralty stated.

The reaction comes after the District Electoral Bureau rejected on Tuesday evening USB’s request for an election recount at several polling centres.

Invoking an exception of unconstitutionality was among the possible options of appeal invoked by Clotilde Armanad on Wednesday evening, in case BEC rejects USB’s request in its turn too.

On Sunday evening, an exit-poll showed that Clotilde Armand (USB) won the highest number of votes in District 1 (31.4 percent), followed by Daniel Tudorache (PSD+UNPR Alliance, 30.5 percent). According to the partial results offered by the Central Electoral Bureau, Clotilde Armand won 28.73 percent of the votes and Daniel Tudorache won 31.14 percent.

Clotilde Armand: USB will not form any alliance within the Bucharest Municipal Council

Also on RFI, Clotilde Armand stated that her party will not form alliances with other parties: “Within the Municipal Council, USB will not form any alliance,” she pointed out.

USB’s request for an election recount at 18 polling centres in District 1 was rejected by the District Electoral Bureau.

“We were informed at 3 p.m. that we should check back with them at 7 p.m.; at 7 p.m. we were told to check back at 9 p.m.; at 9 p.m. they told us to check back at 10 p.m. At 10.30 p.m. they told us they rejected our justified and legal request,” the USB candidate posted on Facebook.

Clotilde Armand stated on Tuesday that USB has asked for an election recount out of respect for voters, but also in order to eliminate all doubts. “Of all the notifications we received, there are some figures that are at least odd. If we look at the polling centres in which we had observers, one can notice a certain pattern between the number of votes, the number of votes for local councillors, for Nicusor Dan and for me. Now if we look at the polling centres in which we did not have representatives, this pattern no longer works. Meaning there is a much higher number of cancelled votes, there are polling centres in which the number of votes for the local council, a party slate with my name on top of it, is higher than the number of votes for me, which is odd. You have to see, I insist that what we are doing is a normal, democratic thing done in any country. I don’t want to say certain frauds are the practice in Romania. I am extremely aware that I now represent Romania, that what I am and do is being monitored and Romania’s interest is for me far above any other interest,” Clotilde Armand said.

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