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December 3, 2022

H.E. Oleg Malginov, Russian Ambassador to Bucharest: „Romania remains our significant partner in the region”

Dear readers and friends!

On the 12th of June we are celebrating one of our main official holidays – The Day of Russia, commemorating the 26th anniversary of adoption of Declaration on State Sovereignty of Russia.

This holiday has become a symbol of our nation`s solidarity and responsibility for its present and future. As our President Vladimir Putin stated, “the strength of Russia comes from its unity, while it remains part of the global world”. At the same time the events that took place back in 1990 marked in the history of Russia a shift away from the narrow-minded ideological vision and a transition to a more advanced democratic form of the government.

Thereupon it’s worth mentioning that the Russian Federation has been always promoting a foreign policy course, aimed at setting up favorable conditions for its own internal sustainable development. Successive efforts in establishing relations with other countries and integrational formations, based on the principles of equality in rights and mutual respect, have always remained the basis of our approach.

We advocate for a partnership, not merely in words but in deeds, which would be based on pursuit of our common consistent goals that would meet interests of all countries and nations and would be set up jointly with a respect to the multipolar structure of the modern world politics.

Concerning security issues we consider that it`s necessary to create an architecture, which would guarantee the equal degree of protection to all sides involved. This is the reason why we continue to argue, that building up separated security mechanisms, isolated from each other, is a false approach, as it might lead to mutual mistrust and, moreover, might set preconditions for the reemergence of a new “arms race”.

That’s why now, facing the complicated regional environment, Russia, despite the external political and economic pressure, continues its balanced policy, which serves the lawful interests of our nation and meets the terms of sustaining international stability. We stand for the joint settlement of key issues with reliance on the rule of law, on the basis of common priorities and with respect to the guiding role of the UN. We appeal to others to follow the same principles.

We use the same approach regarding relations with Romania, which remains our significant partner in the region. Our contacts with Bucharest have a long history. There were many highs and lows. Despite the well-known obstacles, they continue to develop.

Political consultations, which took place in March 2016 in Moscow and displayed the commonly shared interest in open and frank dialogue, on the issues of the Middle East and anti-terrorism between the heads of our Foreign Ministries’ departments in charge, serve as the acknowledgement of the above-mentioned fact.

Around the same time a session of a joint Russian-Romanian commission on the complicated issues in the history of bilateral relations was held in the Romanian city of Sinaia. It was the first one after a 10-year long suspension period. The next meeting is to take place in Moscow in the second half of 2017.

Until recently our economic relations had been developing: in 2014 bilateral turnover was equal to roughly 5 billion US dollars. There were intentions to deepen trade and investment partnership, as a sufficient range of products, exported from Romania to Russia, was in demand. But nowadays, unfortunately, trade is limited by sanctions and is subject to shrink: its volume has decreased by 30 percent and keeps falling. In fact Romania is losing its share of the Russian market.

Compared to trade relations, our humanitarian cooperation is developing quite well. The Russian Culture Days festival is being held annually. Russia participates in the annual book fest “Gaudeamus”. Student exchanges and collaboration between our universities, as well as joint scientific research projects remain on the agenda.

Russian performers of various types regularly visit Romania. In March 2016 actors from Saint-Petersburg presented “Macbeth” play at the Shakespeare festival in Craiova. The delegation of the Theatre of Nations from Moscow led by Evgeniy Mironov is expected at the International Theatre Festival in Sibiu on the 15th-16th of June. Last year was marked by the successful performance of song-and-dance companies of the Russian Army and Interior Ministry.

It`s worth mentioning, that in 2015 the Russian Centre of Science and Culture, which is to become an essential mechanism of diversification of our bilateral humanitarian cooperation, was opened in Bucharest.

Contacts between various professional circles are being maintained too. For example, in April-May this year on the invitation of Romanian cosmonaut D.Prunariu his Russian counterparts J.Baturin, V.Korzun and S.Revin visited Bucharest. It was timed to coincide with the events, dedicated to the 55th anniversary of J.Gagarin flight and 35th anniversary of a joint Romanian-Russian space mission.

I would like to specifically emphasize the assistance of the Romanian friends in organizing the memorial events in honor of the 71st anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war.

Certainly we cannot be fully satisfied with the current level of the bilateral relations. Our cooperation deserves more. It’s obvious that both Russia and Romania suffered certain losses from the dialogue`s level lowering. I am convinced that only mutual efforts can bring our relations to a more advanced level.

In conclusion I would like to mention, that the Russian foreign policy course is built on pragmatic principles, and it remains a country open to cooperation free from prejudices and stereotypes. It has such clear objectives as maintenance of regional and global security along with strengthening of its international prestige and developing its economic potential and living standards of its citizens.

Let me heartily congratulate all Russians, fellow compatriots, living in Romania, all our friends with the Day of Russia!

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